My Top 10 Favorite Looks Of The Year

The Right Kind of Ruffle

10. Cool as a summer breeze in ‘Etxart & Panno’ from the blog: “The Right Kind of Ruffle

A Christmas Clutch

9. Purse infatuation with ‘The Limelight Collection’ & ‘Vchic Boutique’ — from the blog: “A Christmas Clutch

My New Miami Vice

8. Summer sizzle in ‘Ann Taylor’ from the blog: “My New Miami Vice

Topping It Off for 2018!

7. Fetching in a ‘Feather Heart Designs by Danielle’ fascinator — from the blog: “Topping It Off for 2018

’Tis the Sequin…

6. Sitting down on the job in ‘VChic Boutique’ — from the festive party blog: “Tis The Sequin

Fit & Flare

5. Going high fashion on Lincoln Road in ‘Herve Leger’ — from the spring blog: “Fit & Flare

Piece by Piece

4. Inspired in this drop dead gorgeous ‘Michelle Meler’ gown — featured in the blog: “Piece by Piece

Wild Things

3. Mysterious in ‘MaryJane Claverol Accessories’ & a ‘BCBG South Beach’ dress — from the blog: “Wild Things

Spring Romance

2. Lady in Red wearing ‘Extart & Panno’ — from the blog: “Spring Romance

The Park

1. Inspired by Belle from the reimagining of “Beauty and the Beast” wearing ‘LA Boudoir Miami’ — from the fashion photo series “The Park
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Photos by James Woodley Photography
Photo #3 by Danielle Margherite

Main Styling: Jackie Kay & Shireen Sandoval
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew Auerbach


Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things

Wild Things


Discovering the eclectic universe of artist & designer MaryJane Claverol, who’s redefining modern day beauty one creepy critter at a time.


Unique, whimsical and awe-inspiring, artist MaryJane Claverol creates jewelry, home accessories and art collectibles like you’ve never seen before. The first time I spied one of her pieces on social media, I was mesmerized and had to know more.

MaryJane, who’s traveled the world, started her artistic ventures a few years ago while living and working in India. It was a tough place to socialize so, to pass the time, she turned inward to tap into her innate creativity.

Instead of the typical artsy-fartsy self-expression (painting, sculpting or writing,) MaryJane chose to do something more provocative. Confronting her own fears and phobias (like things that gave her the real heebie-jeebies), she started out on a journey to master the macabre.

First up: insects and spiders, all made pleasing to the eye with pretty Swarovski crystals and other perfectly placed embellishments. Then it was on to creatively making crustaceans look couture. The world of “Wild Things” quickly became MaryJane’s playground or as she likes to call it: “universe.”

Just to be clear, MaryJane doesn’t go around killing fear-inducing creatures or any animal, for that matter. She procures them humanely and the larger taxidermy pieces she works on are given a second life after she rescues them from being dumped. Sometimes, she even unearths them from warehouse obscurity or old vintage vanity.

Since bedazzling her first artistic phobia, MaryJane’s universe has grown more diverse. At her studio in the Leah Arts District in Hialeah, you’ll find a mix of the funky, fashionable and fabulous. I adore her glamorous necklaces and bejeweled sunglasses.

Don’t miss Deco Drive tonight at 7:30 & 11:30pm on Channel 7, as we go on an intimate tour of MaryJane’s studio; her infectious spirit and love of all artistic mediums will leave you inspired and I bet you’ll even develop a new found appreciation for the “Wild Things” surrounding us. I know I have and thanks to MaryJane, they’re now one of my favorite things.


Monday-Friday 9am-4pm


MaryJane Claverol Studio, Art Gallery & Boutique
Leah Arts District
1050 East 17th Street
Hialeah, FL 33010 USA
Phone: +1 (786) 202 2702

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IG: @superclaverol
FB: MaryJane Claverol

There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.anonymous

Wild Things

MaryJane Claverol by Shireen #annieSS

Danielle Margherite Photography
Sunglasses & Necklaces provided by MaryJane Claverol
Styling: Shireen, Maryjane & Danielle
Grooming: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew “Wild Thing” Auerbach

The Perfect Pant

The Perfect Pant

The Perfect Pant

The Perfect Pant

The Perfect Pant

The Perfect Pant


Learning to love pants (again) with POOL LabShow in Coral Gables.


I’m an unadulterated skirt lover and I wear them with just about anything: blouses, sweaters and t-shirts.

I even have a special color-coordinated section of my closet dedicated to skirts: sleek, tight, puffy, loose, metallic, sweater, vintage, wool…you name it, I got it. What can I say? I’m a skirt girl, but it wasn’t always that way.

A few decades ago, I was a pant-a-holic. Yep, I used to love me a good pair of slacks/pants. Back then, they were sharp, sophisticated, and professional. Not to mention…

When I was a young, budding features reporter in Indianapolis, Indiana (and broke as a joke,) a good pair of pants could extend the life of my limited wardrobe. In those days, mixing and matching was essential. And a good pair of pants could breathe new life into my sometimes stale shirt collection.

Plus, when you’re trying to do a live-shot in 30-degree temperatures and the snow is blowing sideways, pants protect you; providing comfort and room for tights or, in my case, long underwear. No doubt about it — back then, my pant game was strong and as perfect as could be …

Until the birth of the skinny jean. Noooo!

I tried loving the trend, I really did, but my legs always felt like two sausages encased in a tight sub-mucosa. Yuck. And when I’d bend over to retrieve something? Forget about it; I was killing the world with my butt-crack one squat at a time and in the process, cutting off my own circulation at the knee.

In a prerequisite on-trend pair, I was all booty, with no bounce. Nothing moved, breathed or looked normal. As Dolly Parton would say: “It fits like two pigs fightin’ under a blanket.”

From jeans-to-pants, the skinny trend slowly trickled its way into everything (much to my chagrin). My butt and knees were doomed. I tried expensive, moderate and different materials, but it just wasn’t the right fit. At least, for me.

If that weren’t bad enough, a stylist I was working with at the time begged me to rid my closet of anything wide-legged, saying: “It’s dated and out of style.” I begrudgingly obeyed and quickly found my way to the skirt rack and never looked back, until now.

“The Perfect Pant” isn’t an elusive memory anymore. Thanks to the beautiful new boutique “POOL LabShow” in Coral Gables, I’m finding my way back into the two-legged material game, one step at a time.

High-waisted, wide-legged pants are FINALLY nudging out the skinny trend, making way for a more put-together, sophisticated, glamorous look. Think old Hollywood, Marlene- Dietrich-meets-Madonna in the 1989 music video “Express Yourself.” (Crotch grabbing optional.)

If you prefer less room, a not-so-tight tailored look is in, too, like a mix of Annie Hall and a modern-day Lauren Hutton. Personally, I love the freedom of “The Perfect Pant” because it’s easy to wear and effortless to style.

Plus, it works for any occasion: work, play, cocktail party and if you’re really fashion forward, a black-tie gala. The best part? My butt-crack has finally found shelter and my knees can bend like an appropriate joint again.

Don’t miss Deco Drive tonight at 7:30 & 11:30pm, as we team up with POOL LabShow, to bring you the latest and greatest in pant trends.

They’re also showing other styles you’ll see come spring and sharing what makes their boutique so unusual; although, I’m sure you can tell by the pictures, it’s a special place with amazing clothes and accessories.

Learning to love “The Perfect Pant” (again) is definitely one of my new favorite things and I’m sure it’ll be yours, too.

PS. I won’t judge you if you still love a good pair of skinny jeans.


POOL LabShow
376 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, Florida 33134


Monday-Friday: 11am-7:30pm
Saturday: 12-7pm
Closed on Sunday

Instagram: @poollabshow
(website coming soon)

Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.Anne Klein
Danielle Margherite Photography
Styling: Beatriz Carrillo of Pool LabShow
Grooming: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew “Sub-Mucosa” Auerbach