Shireen’s Spotlight: Billionaire Italian Couture


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What: Billionaire Italian Couture, 4000 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL. 33137

Why: This place breathes fabulous new life and sophistication into the ZZ Top song, “Sharp Dressed Man.” Billionaire Italian Couture is the kind of store that makes me wanna run around the place touching, feeling, smelling and purring over every single fashion item I come in contact with. It’s decadent and daring and its duds can dress any man in head-to-toe deliciousness.

Listen guys, if you wanna get your love of luxury sartorial fashion on, this is the place, period. The clothes are bold and beautiful. What’s more, the regal, ready-to-wear brand boasts superior quality, unique designs and an attention to detail that’s hard to find in today’s fashion landscape. Everything is made by Italian artisans using exotic leathers, fine Italian silks and cottons. Why look like a million bucks when you can look like a billion? Just saying…

Where: In the heart of Miami’s thriving Design District where food, fashion and all things hip and happening seem to set up shop. The store is housed in a stand alone historical building. Inside, it’s blinged out in the most beautiful way. I don’t know why, but something tells me the late Gianni Versace would’ve loved this place.

When: Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 12pm -6pm
Instagram:@billionaireitaliancouture #billionaireitaliancouture
Facebook: Billionaire Couture
phone 305-576-2300

Editor: Matthew Auerbach
producer: Jessie Rosario
writer: Shireen Sandoval
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The Rock Star of Fashion


Shireen Sandoval - Shireen's Favorite Things - John Varvatos - Bal Harbour Shops


Shireen Sandoval - Shireen's Favorite Things - John Varvatos - Bal Harbour Shops


Shireen Sandoval - Shireen's Favorite Things - John Varvatos - Bal Harbour Shops


Shireen Sandoval - Shireen's Favorite Things - John Varvatos - Bal Harbour Shops


Shireen Sandoval - Shireen's Favorite Things - John Varvatos - Bal Harbour Shops


I’ve interviewed my share of rock stars over the years, but none of them have the kind of cool, kicked-back, charming elegance of fashion designer, John Varvatos.
He’s affable, completely unaffected and beyond talented.

The designer, who’s been dubbed “The Rock Star of Fashion,” not only has a penchant for all things glam and edgy, he’s collaborated with and dressed the likes of Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Velvet Revolver, Dave Matthews, The Roots, Green Day and most recently, Kiss and Ringo Starr.

John’s rock ‘n’ roll pedigree goes back to his roots: he was born in the “Rock City” itself, Detroit. Not only that, one of his three Manhattan shops is located in the former temple of punk rock, CBGB. While he’s solidified himself in the rock world, you won’t find this hard working designer hanging out with groupies or partying all night long.

Instead, he continues following his fashion dreams at events like the opening of his newest store in the Bal Harbour Shops. Despite interviewing a king’s share of famous people through out my career, John had eluded me, until that night. Before our encounter, he was so normal and unassuming, I walked passed him several times before realizing who he was. Once we started talking, though, I immediately fell into his bright eyes, great smile and kind spirit.

Although, John’s made a life and career in fashion look easy, he’s serious about his work and is equally devoted to his family. What’s more, he gives a lot of his time, money and energy to charity; making him, perhaps, one of the most well-rounded, accomplished celebrities I’ve met in a long time.

Read the rest of my feature on John Varvatos at or to get the look shop

John Varvatos
Bal Harbour Shops
Bal Harbour, FL. 33154
Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

Twitter: @johnvarvatos
IG: @JohnVarvatos
FB: John Varvatos

Top 3: Fall Fashion Must Have’s

I love Fall in Miami. The sea turns a beautiful turquoise green, the humidity find its hiding place and the wind blows just enough to make you feel as if its flirting with you like a new lover. That’s when I know it’s time to transition my tropical wardrobe into richer colors, heavier knits and textured materials. I also push my sandals to the back of the closet and wake my closed-toed shoes from their summer hibernation.

Then, I take the money that I’ve been saving through-out the summer and buy three things for the fall season. It varies every year, depending on what I fall in love with fashion wise, but usually it’s a pair of boots, a fabulous hobo purse and a yummy coat. Here are my Top 3/Fall Must Have’s for 2014…


Gucci Leather Horsebit Knee Boot


Gucci Leather Horsebit Knee Boot/$1450

Nothing says fall fashion like a beautiful pair of boots. This year, I’ve fallen head over heels for Gucci’s leather horsebit knee boot. It’s a throwback to mod fashions of the 60′s & 70′s. It reminds me of something supermodel Twiggy would wear in her heyday. They’re cut slim to show off your gorgeous gams, but once the boot hits your foot, it looks like a fabulous loafer adorned with a silver-colored horsebit. The toe is square and the heel is slightly stacked. The boots come in beige, black and a crazy, cool red leather python. Nancy Sinatra sang it best: “These boots are made for walking.”

Cusp Fringe-Trim Leather Jacket by Neiman Marcus


Cusp Fringe-Trim Leather Jacket by Neiman Marcus/$375

In case you didn’t know, fringe is in! It’s easily one of the most fabulous, fun and fashion-forward trends of Fall. I was immediately seduced by Topshop’s pre-Fall ad campaign featuring Kate Moss in a fringed leather jacket, shaking her bon bon in the most sultry, sexy and mysterious way. I knew that instant I needed to get my fringe on. So, I scooped up Topshops “Fringed Leather Jacket by Kate Moss.” It’s a black, sumptuous, soft leather with a motorcycle jacket feel. The collar flips up and the fringe is totally textured, starting from below the bust line down. This jacket is so popular, I had to score mine on Ebay. It was totally worth it, though, because when I wear it, I’m drenched in the smell of rich leather and I feel like one helluva beautiful bad ass. If you have trouble finding this hot little number, a good alternative is the Cusp fringe-trim leather jacket by Neiman Marcus. It’s almost identical and costs less.

Gables Beauty Hobo Bag


Gables Beauty Hobo Bag /$280

When it comes to purses, I am as picky as a summer day is long. That’s why I adore the LaMod line. Its handbags suit my many moods and believe me, there are a lot of them. Recently, I worked Christina Brooke, creator/designer of the line, on my long format fashion blog, “Shireen’s Favorite Things.” We featured her “ID Please” clutch which, by the way, is a fantastic way to easily access your identification. I also fell in love with her “Gables Beauty” hobo. It comes in a rich blue and also a cream and brownish black, trendy snake skin. It’s big enough to hold my life: make-up, high heels, phone, iPad and other important treasures that make my day hassle-free. The price point is good and if you buy it, you’ll have your fall fashion in the bag.

May autumn fill your heart and your closet with warm, fashionable treats. xo

Shireen’s Spotlight: Naked Taco at The Dream Hotel SoBe

The Naked Taco

What: Naked Taco, 1111 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Why: Besides being a sexy/saucy/fun place to hang out, the Naked Taco delivers up a delicious twist on Southwestern-slash-Tex-Mex inspired food and drinks. The South of the Border meets South Beach hot spot is draped in daring paintings highlighted with glass blown, skull hurricane lamps and made uber-comfy by deep red, extra cushy, sink-ably-soft,  leather booths; kinda like the ones you’d see at a Denny’s diner back in the day. Yes, it’s okay to wear your bikini with heels or a banana hammock with flip-flops for a meal; just don’t blame the tequila for your bad behavior.

The always-affable and charming, chef-slash-television personality, Ralph Pagano (who appeared on the first season of Hell’s Kitchen) owns the joint. The food-lover is participating in this week’s “Hess Select South Beach Seafood Festival” and will host its “Chef Showdown” on Friday October 24th. Wanna get your grub on? Check out for more info. 

Where: In the heart of South Beach, inside the decadent Dream Hotel. If you get a chance, eat your guac atop the hotel, at its pretty penthouse pool. The view, mixed with the great food and drinks at Naked Taco, is more than just a “Dream”… it’s a reality everyday of the week in Miami. 

When: Sunday-Thursday 7am-11pm, Friday-Saturday 7am-1am 
Twitter: @NakedTacoMiami 
IG: @NakedTacoMiami  
FB: Naked Taco  

editor: Matthew Auerbach 
producer: Jessie Rosario 
writer: Shireen Sandoval 
photographer: t4two photography

A Winter’s Clutch

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog -

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog -

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog -

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog -

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog -




It was a beautiful, balmy summer night when I dove into the pool wearing the most exquisite light purple evening gown. The force of the dive sent me hurtling through  the water at an exceptional speed. Gliding effortlessly through the pale blue abyss made me feel alive, powerful and free; especially as my hair trailed behind me, my evening jewels pressed against me and my feet pointed themselves in the most delicate way. 

My sparkling silver Mary Jane “Miu Miu’s,” which whipped off when I dove in, bellowed beneath me like a beacon in the night. It didn’t matter, though; I swam past them, because something much more magical and mysterious lured me to the deep end of the pool. 

When I emerged on the other side, an unfamiliar elderly woman extended her hand to help me from the water. I graciously grabbed hold and watched as she pulled me with ease from the pool. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she said with wild eyes. I smiled warmly and replied: “I know.” 

I followed the old woman down a dark rocky path, illuminated by dozens of flickering candles. She led me to a large, ornate wooden table, where two of the most breathtaking antique clutches lay in waiting. I had never seen anything like them before. They were unique, awe-inspiring, otherworldly. 

Read the rest of “A Winter’s Clutch” at or shop the look at - blog wardrobe provided by LaMod Boutique.
Twitter: @LaModChristinaB 
IG: LaModBoutique 
FB: La’ Mod 

Here’s to the perfect purse! xo

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