Top 3: New Products Worth Trying

When it comes to beauty products, I’m always on the look-out for the latest and greatest. That’s why I was delighted when Neiman Marcus in Fort Lauderdale invited me to host its annual ‘Fall Beauty Trend’ event over the weekend. Beauty gurus from different make-up and skin-care lines introduced so many amazing new products, it was hard to choose just three, but here are my favorites:



Black Rose Precious Face Oil by Sisley Paris/$235.00

If you love to read a good fashion magazine or just stare at the pictures, you’ve probably come across this product in a plethora of ads. Everyone is talking about it and it’s pretty hard to get your hands on a bottle. Black Rose Precious Face Oil smells amazing, but its moisturizing properties are even more impressive. It’s rich in Omega-3 & 6 and bolstered by plum and Bulgarian rose oil. Its main goal is to nourish, regenerate and protect the skin, along with fighting fine lines and wrinkles. I just started using it and already see a visible difference. It’s expensive, but it’s cheaper than Botox.


Acqua Originale Asian Green Tea by Creed 1760/$300.00

When it comes to perfume, I’m like an old lady. I’ve been wearing the same scent for more than a decade. That is, until I encountered Creed’s Asian Green Tea. I’m 100 percent, unequivocally, undeniably hooked. When I spray it on, it’s as if I’ve just traipsed through a Japanese botanical garden. It’s main notes are bergamot, mandarin, lemon, violet and rose and it’s finished off with a scent of green tea, amber, sandalwood and musk. The perfume is calming, smooth and sparkling. The Creed brand isn’t just a name, it’s an institution. The company has been creating beautiful smells for hundreds of years but as of late, hasn’t produced anything new until lately. Asian Green Tea is one of its newest, decadent and delightful scents. 


KissKiss Liplift by Guerlain/$35.00

One thing I absolutely hate is lipstick that bleeds, clumps or feathers. Unfortunately, when you talk for a living on television, it happens. However, the KissKiss Liplift primer promises to take away some of my unfortunate, lackluster, lip-a-licious blues. This product is all about contouring, smoothing and preparing your lips for long-lasting lipstick wear. It goes on like butter with a creamy, velvety, ultra comfy feel. It includes micro beads that naturally moisturize and plump your pout. Besides delivering great staying power, it comes in a gilded metal case; making for a beautifully bold beauty product. 


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Shireen’s Spotlight: V73 Boutique

V73 Boutique

What: V73 Boutique, 4218 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137

Why: A V73 purse is the kind of bag that makes people stop you in the street and ask: “Where did you get that beauty?” The Italian purse company (helmed by designer Elisabetta Armellin) focuses on creativity, quality and elegance. One of its tag lines is “Life In A Bag” and believe me, that describe me to a T! I carry my professional and personal life in my purse and then some. So, why not do it with class, sophistication and style?

A V73 is roomy, rare and ridiculously addicting. Every bag comes with a logo charm and what woman doesn’t like a little eye candy for her constant companion? Stand-out purses include the Miami Bag from its Cruise line and the Venezia in Vivid Blue. If diamonds are a girls best friend, than a V73 purse must be her lover.

Where: The pretty little boutique, styled with all things Italian (from the furniture to the gorgeous chandelier,) is perfectly positioned inside a charming little house in the Miami Design District. It’s right off the District’s main road, 2nd Avenue, making it easily accessible. Stop by for a look, you’ll find a warm, welcoming and wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.

When: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 11am-5pm (closed Sundays)

ps. Fall & Winter purses are coming to their boutique soon and you’ll go crazy over the V73 fringe bag, it’s amazing!
IG: @V73Official
Twitter: @V73Official
FB: V73 US
Pinterest: @V73bag

editor: Matthew Auerbach
producer: Jessie Rosario
photographer: Tod Phillip
Purse pictured: Cruise Paillettes in Navy/Red

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Hi, my name is Shireen Sandoval and I’m a social media junkie. At any given time of day or night, you can find me enjoying, exploring and expressing myself on the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. My phone is the first thing I connect with in the morning (even before my coffee, eek) and it’s the last thing I see before I turn the lights off at night.

On a daily basis (barring a natural disaster or a finger freezing illness,) I app onto SM with what I call ‘the fastest thumbs in South Florida,’ and type, tease and talk about my fashion blog, Shireen’s Favorite Things (the one you’re reading now.) I also share snippets of stories I’ll be featuring live on Deco Drive. I peruse the news, peer at all kinds of photos and post pictures I’m proud of.

At times, I share what’s going on with my friends and family. I show off fabulous dinners, fun work trips and fantastic purchases (most specifically, my shoes!) On SM, my behavior is called posting, sharing and living my “Highlight Reel.” You know, bragging and boasting about the best stuff in my life. After all, who wants to befriend a negative Nancy?

Read the rest of my blog about living in the real moment, not a virtual one at or to get the look featured in the blog, shop these links…

iPhone case:

Here’s to #LivingfortheUpload in the most positive, self-fulfilling way. Happy surfing.

Top 3: Best Fitting Dresses

The Wrap Dress by DVF

The Wrap Dress by DVF/ starting at $285.00

The Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress isn’t just classy, it’s incredibly comfortable. I’ve written about the dress many times, but alas, it never goes out of style. Although the wrap-around-shirt and A-line skirt is a one piece, it gives off the appearance of a well-put together outfit. I love that its cleavage friendly, but doesn’t show too much leg. This is my absolute go-to dress; at least when I know I have to concentrate on other things besides what I’m wearing; like, say, a first date, a luncheon or being live on Deco Drive. My fave dress from Diane’s fall collection is the straight-off-the-runway ‘Jewel Pleated Wrap – In Ballet Russe.’ The full silk mikado skirt and modern wrap is sophisticated and sexy. I love its deep pockets and subtle pleats. It’s definitely one hot lil’ number.

Karen Millen

Karen Millen/ starting at $299.00

Traveling the world interviewing celebrities is a glamorous job, but it’s also challenging when it comes to finding the right wardrobe. Clothes that can travel thousands of miles and arrive in pristine condition are pretty tough to find. When I’m headed to Hollywood, Karen Millen is my must have dress (more specifically, her shift/sheath dress.) The dresses come in chic, colorful prints and daring designs. She’s managed to find just the right amount of beautifully blended cotton, silk and elastic. The result? A slightly capped sleeve, a below the knee, figure flattering fit, with minimal wrinkling and just a touch of girdle like compression. I pack my Millen’s with light accessories and a great pair of shoes. My favorite dress from her fall collection is the beige and black ‘Lace and Mesh Shift Dress.’ It’s the perfect mix of modern professionalism and frilly femininity.

Anaya Ponorovskaya

Anaya Ponorovskaya/ starting at $300.00

Anything from the Anaya Ponorovskaya line is the epitome of old-school Hollywood glamour. Her dresses are sexy, sumptuous and certainly for the woman who is not afraid to show who she really is. Her dresses accentuate the body in the most beautifully, bodacious, bold way. Her materials are marvelous and her fit fantastic. Her dresses are pure luxury. I turn to Anaya when I’m working red carpet events or anytime how I’m dressed really matters. The best thing about the designer: despite launching her line in Manhattan, Anaya opened a boutique in the Miami Design District. I own two of her dresses. My favorite is a knee-length, black sheath number that’s reversible (one side is cotton, the other side, silk.) It’s rouged at the top around the sleeves, but streamlines toward the waist and curves around my back side, like I spent the morning and early afternoon doing lunges to ready my booty for a night out on the town. You have to go into her boutique to buy, but you can have a look at

They say the best revenge is looking fabulous. I don’t know who “they” is, but I couldn’t agree more! Happy dress shopping!

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Shireen’s Spotlight: The Local House/ At The Sense Beach House

 The Local House/ At The Sense Beach House

What: The Local House, 400 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Why: It’s light, airy and reminds me of a homey Kennebunkport beach cottage. It’s the kind of restaurant you’ll linger in; it’s like sitting in your own living room or at least, the kind of living room I’d love to have. The menu is interesting, healthy and yummy. My favorite is the Kale and Roasted Beet salad. Although known for its raw bar, The Local House has a bit of Latin flare, too, and its Sunday Brunch is to die for.

The eatery is nestled into the cool and beyond-comfy Sense Beach House. The boutique hotel reminds me of the set of a Nancy Meyers movie: think “Something’s Gotta Give” or “It’s Complicated.” It’s like Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart had the perfect hotel baby. It’s private, cozy and like the lyrics to that popular 70′s Eagles song (slightly altered,) You can check in anytime you want, but ‘you’ll never want to leave.’

Where: It’s near the end of THE most popular street in Miami, Ocean Drive. The good news is, it’s South of 5th, allowing you to avoid some of the crazy South Beach traffic, but at the same time, you can still enjoy its popular Art Deco charm and atmosphere.

When: Mon-Thur 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat-12pm, Sun 8am-10pm
IG: @TheLocalHouse
Twitter: @TheLocalHouse
FB: The Local House
IG: @SenseBeachHouse
Twitter: @SenseBeachHouse
FB: Sense Beach House