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A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog - www.shireensandoval.com

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog - www.shireensandoval.com

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog - www.shireensandoval.com

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog - www.shireensandoval.com

A Winter's Clutch - Shireen's Favorite Things - Fashion Blog - www.shireensandoval.com




It was a beautiful, balmy summer night when I dove into the pool wearing the most exquisite light purple evening gown. The force of the dive sent me hurtling through  the water at an exceptional speed. Gliding effortlessly through the pale blue abyss made me feel alive, powerful and free; especially as my hair trailed behind me, my evening jewels pressed against me and my feet pointed themselves in the most delicate way. 

My sparkling silver Mary Jane “Miu Miu’s,” which whipped off when I dove in, bellowed beneath me like a beacon in the night. It didn’t matter, though; I swam past them, because something much more magical and mysterious lured me to the deep end of the pool. 

When I emerged on the other side, an unfamiliar elderly woman extended her hand to help me from the water. I graciously grabbed hold and watched as she pulled me with ease from the pool. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she said with wild eyes. I smiled warmly and replied: “I know.” 

I followed the old woman down a dark rocky path, illuminated by dozens of flickering candles. She led me to a large, ornate wooden table, where two of the most breathtaking antique clutches lay in waiting. I had never seen anything like them before. They were unique, awe-inspiring, otherworldly. 

Read the rest of “A Winter’s Clutch” at www.wsvn.com or shop the look at www.lamodusa.com - blog wardrobe provided by LaMod Boutique.
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Here’s to the perfect purse! xo

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Top 3: Sexy Halloween Costumes

Despite my vivid imagination and commitment to all things gory and scary on Halloween, every year (by costume shop default,) I end up being some form of “sleazy-tastic-licious.” Mainly because I wait until the last minute to buy my costume, but also, it seems All Hallow’s Eve in Miami has a penchant for the hot and half-naked. My track record is pretty impressive, too. For the last five years I’ve been a sexy firefighter, squirrel, fox, dinosaur and most recently, a lady bug. So here’s to this years Top 3 Sexy Halloween Costumes.  




Sexy Nurse/Kandi Costume $48.99

The nursing profession is really taking a hit these days (cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze, go to isolation, please.) So why not turn the stethoscope around on what can really get your heart rate high: a Sexy Nurse costume. You’ll need the following: a red and white matching skirt and shirt (to give the look a candy stripper flare,) white thigh-high tights, red bloomer bottoms and a pair of sky-high Mary Janes. Complete the look with a cute cap, fluffy hair and sexy red lips. Last but not least, don’t forget your trusty stethoscope. Just in case you need to, you know, check someone’s vitals. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is suggested on cute patients only, but not required.



Fredericks - Wonder Woman - Hallow

Super Hero/Wonder Woman $48.00

Now that super-sexy actress, Gal Gadot, has revived the role of Wonder Woman, a slew of Amazon princess costumes are flying (by way of an invisible plane) into costume shops around the country. You’ll need the following: a healthy dose of self-esteem, a red, gold, blue and white, uber-tight spandex body suit, flesh-colored tights, gold wrist bands and a head band or crown. I love the sexed-up, cheesy Wonder Woman costume from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. It’s super (pun intended) seductive and there’s a quirky little “Lasso of Truth” cinched to the side of the suit. You’ll need to provide your own red or white majorette boots and really, who doesn’t have a pair of those in the back of the closet? I do! Don’t forget, your crown serves as a projectile weapon, your spiffy bracelets are 100% indestructible and your alias is Princess Diana of Themyscira. Now, go spin into your costume and save Halloween!



Party City - Black Widow - Halloween Costume

Any Pop Star with a Big Booty/Iggy Azalea’s Black Widow $59.99

This is not only a sexy topic but totally timely. Whether it’s JLo, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora or Iggy Azalea, having a booty-ful butt has never been so frighteningly fashionable. This year, though, the biggest and most beautiful behind goes to Iggy Azalea; with wins at the MTV music awards and the BET Hip Hop Awards, this gorgeous gal is definitely worth duplicating. Especially the ninja-like character she plays in her “Black Widow” music video. Please child, that girl works a white unitard like nobody’s business. Here’s what you’ll need: a long blond wig with red tips, red lips, white nails, a black or white full body unitard/jumpsuit and some rocker-esque, black ankle booties. I’m not gonna lie: finding a white body suit isn’t easy, but black is always a basic. You can go with the Avengers Black Widow costume and change up the accessories to match Iggy’s style. You’ll be “So Fancy” but you’ll already know.


Go ahead, scare up some fun in these Shireen’s Top 3/Sexy Halloween costumes and this year will definitely be a trick and a treat!

Shireen’s Spotlight: Champagne Happy Hour at The Forge

Shireen's Spotlight: Champagne Happy Hour at The Forge

What: The Forge, 432 W. 41st, Miami Beach, Florida 33140

Why: Because there’s no other place where you can drink a king’s share of champagne, eat amazing hors d’oeuvres and enjoy the alluring glamour of the movers and shakers of Miami Beach. Not only has “The Forge” been the place to see and be seen for decades, it continues its reign of decadence with its Champagne Happy Hour. Simply put, it’s the perfect place to end the week.

Every Friday night starting at 6pm, you can pop-a-top of Veuve Clicquot for just $50.00 (ten dollars per glass, along with other drink specials.) The Forge also serves up complimentary, yummy finger foods by Chef Christopher Lee. For the record, I love his crazy, good Kale Salad with parmesan lemon vinaigrette.

When I went to shoot the snapshot for this spotlight, my photographer, Tod, and I had to literally squeeze our way thru the high-spirited crowd. The bar was bursting at the seams with the bold and the beautiful: reality television stars, professional athletes, a powerhouse public relations guru and the owner himself, Shareef Malnik.

Shareef always takes the time to say hello and chat about Deco Drive and the ever-changing world of media. More specifically, social media (because that’s where you’re reading this little tidbit.) This guy totally gets it; plus, he’s cool, kind and classy; maybe that’s why “The Forge” has been fabulous for so long.

Where: Since the 1920′s, “The Forge” has called Miami Beach home. It’s right on 41st Street/Arthur Godfrey Road, which is considered mid-beach. The building, though completely remodeled, has kept its original mystique and elegance. If you can’t make it for happy hour because of a heavy workload, you have to try it for dinner. The dining is delicious and the steak is said to be one of the best in the Magic City. It’s the least we would expect from a Miami institution.

When: Every Friday night from 6pm-until-11pm.

Twitter: @ForgeRestaurant
IG: @TheForgeRestaurant
FB: The Forge

Right now, “The Forge” is booking Thanksgiving Dinner: $72 per person
Reservations: 305-538-8533

editor: Matthew Auerbach
producer: Jessie Rosario
writer: Shireen Sandoval
photographer: Tod Phillip

The Dark Spot on Beauty

The Dark Spot on Beauty

The Dark Spot on Beauty

The Dark Spot on Beauty

The Dark Spot on Beauty

The Dark Spot on Beauty

Even though it felt like the skin was melting off my face, the doctor urged me not to move. I obeyed tersely as his assistant blew blistering cold air onto my face from what looked like a make-shift hose. I had a really bad feeling about the entire situation and not just because of the pain.

Despite the airy classical music, expensive throw pillows, yummy green tea and thorough questionnaire on the history of my skin that I had just filled out, the equipment the doctor and said assistant were using to perform a “new-ground-breaking-medical-peel” was so rudimentary, it looked as if it had just been wedged out of a ’57 Chevy pick-up truck. It definitely wasn’t something you’d expect to see at a sophisticated, therapeutic spa (which the place touted itself to be.)

I gutted out the pain and bad feeling, though, mainly because the doctor, the procedure and the place had come so highly recommended. For the record, not only was it one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done, I would end up paying for the decision, or lack thereof, for a really long time.

Over the next few days, my pretty pale skin lost its luster, peeled off and gave way to a speckling of dark brown patchy spots all over my face. The worst of it was on my upper lip, scattered around my cheeks and at the very top of my forehead. The spots eventually melded together and turned into something called hyper-pigmentation.

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of grief and sadness I felt after this botched beauty procedure. I think the worst part was, I had gone to the so-called “therapeutic spa” because I had just suffered a very traumatic personal loss and all I wanted was to feel better. A pick me up. Instead, I ended up feeling worse. Horrible, actually. What’s more, I had also ruined one of the few good things I had going for me, great skin. It was officially “The Dark Spot on Beauty.”

Read the rest of my skincare journey at www.wsvn.com or for the best beauty advice in Miami visit www.miamiskinandlaser.com. Here’s to beautiful, healthy skin!

Top 3: EyeKo London

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, I want my windows to be dressed just like the ones at Saks Fifth Avenue at Christmas time. Eyeko London makes my wish possible. The company is all about enhancing your pretty peepers and that’s nothing to bat your eye lashes at, ladies! Here are the top three products from their line that I love…


EyeKo Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner


Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner/$19

I used to be obsessed with wearing a cat eye, but getting the winged-tip part of the line just right was almost impossible. I tried every kind of tool: liquid, pencil, coal…you name it, I’d paint, draw, smudge or try it on for size. Nothing worked. I was always a make-up mess. So, I gave up and went about my way. Then, viola! The “Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner” entered my life and it was love at first sight. It’s so easy to use, it’s almost too good to be true. It’s a little fatter than a pen and has the most precise nib at the end. With tips from Eyeko’s make-up guru, Alexa Chung, I flick up the outer corner first and then draw the lash line from the inside out. The two lines meet and make the perfect cat eye. I guess feline fantasies do come true! (The pen is dark black, waterproof and lash enhancing.)

EyeKo Hydrogel Eye Patch 4 Set


Hydrogel Eye Patch 4 Set/$18

Come to mama-sweet-baby-Jesus! That’s an expression I use when laughter, joy and love is not enough. Eyeko’s “Hydrogel Eye Patch” is the best invention since Botox and mama loves her some Botox. These soft, squishy little varmints make me look like I’ve laid off the red wine for weeks and slept for a solid eight hours. I actually tried them on a whim after an all-night writing binge and I’d never looked so rested. They’re botanically infused, have anti-stress, anti-fatigue ingredients and they also diminish dark circles, shadows and puffiness. I’d rather have a lifetime supply of these than date the perfect man! Perhaps, I’ll win the lottery and can buy both.

EyeKo Me and My Shadow


Me and My Shadow/$19

When I hear the phrase, “Me and My Shadow,” I start humming the 1927 hit song written by the legendary Al Jolson; but now, I have two reasons to love the phrase: the aforementioned song and Eyeko’s fabulous eyeshadow of the same name. This intense waterproof eye shadow slides on like silk and stays in place all day long. It’s the perfect pencil to create a sexy, smokey eye. The pen automatically twists up and there’s no sharpening required. When I wanna cheat on my make-up, I take this pen, use it as a shadow and then a liner. It even has a blending brush at the other end. Eyeko calls it five products in one . I call it easy, breezy who needs Cover Girl anymore?  It’s waterproof, travel-proof and fool proof. It’s now officially one of Shireen’s Favorite Things. I hate it when I talk about myself in third person, but I love this stuff!

Website: www.eyeko.com
Twitter: @Eyeko
IG: @Eyeko
FB: Eyeko

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” Theodore Roosevelt xo

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