Top 3: Body Scrubs

Beach Body Scrub by Bobby Brown

Beach Body Scrub by Bobby Brown/ $37

There’s nothing better than an exfoliating body scrub before you spend a long day at the beach. My favorite is “Bobby Brown’s Beach Body Scrub,” a magical concoction of jasmine, sea spray and mandarin. It not only gives you a gorgeous glow, it’ll leave you smelling like the surf and sand itself. I don’t know how they do it, but they’ve definitely developed the secret to bottling up the beach.

The Keys Salt Scrub

The Keys Salt Scrub/ $20.95

If you’ve got “the rough elbows, knees and heels” kind of blues, this scrub is definitely for you. I discovered the magical and all-natural blend of salts, coconut and essential oils on one of my many mini getaways to The Florida Keys. Once you hit Key Largo, almost every restaurant on the way down to Key West offers a sample size in their bathroom (genius marketing.) I fell in love with their “Classic Coconut” at “Porky’s Bayside BBQ,” right before the seven mile bridge. It’s my favorite place to soften my hands, drink a “Key West Ale” and stuff my face with crunchy Conch Fritters.

Ginger Body Scrub by Origins

Ginger Body Scrub by Origins/ $35

When it comes to pampering my body on a daily basis, I’m a ginger fanatic. When I’m not eating it, I’m using “Origins Ginger Body Scrub” to keep my skin soft, lightly exfoliated and smelling deliciously yummy. The combination of Dead Sea Salts and warming Ginger Zest, along with three different oils: Macadamia, Soybean and Kukui, would even make a newborn jealous of your soft, supple skin.

Happy Scrub-a-dub-dub!

Cool as a Cupcake

Cool as a Cupcake

Cool as a Cupcake

Cool as a Cupcake

Cool as a Cupcake

Mattie McDonald was one of the prettiest women I’d ever seen. She had light green eyes, dark brown hair and milky white skin. When she wafted by me, she smelled of lavender, honeysuckle and some other hypnotizing perfume I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I spent a lot of my spare time daydreaming about her and not just because I wanted to know her. Ultimately, I wanted to be her.

I know it sounds a little “Single White Female” of me, but really, it was a little more innocent than that. Mattie, or Mrs. McDonald, as I knew her, was my 5th grade homeroom teacher and I was completely in love with her. I mean, everyone in my class was. I guess you could say I adored her. Here’s why…

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Top 3: Summer Lipstick

YSL - Rouge Volupte' Shine in Corail In Touch

YSL – Rouge Volupte’ Shine in Corail In Touch/ $35

It’s not only a dazzling summer color, it’s a totally addicting lipstick. It’s smooth, luxurious, has staying power and it’s super moisturizing. Their newest color is sexy, sophisticated and playful. Try it, you won’t be able to stop applying it.

Victoria's Secret: Color Drama Lipstick in Risk Taker

Victoria’s Secret: Color Drama Lipstick in Risk Taker/ $14

I’m a sucker for a good Victoria’s Secret lip color. My latest love affair is with their Color Drama stick, “Risk Taker.” Its subtle, sexy and comes in a pink tube. Hello! You’ll need at least three of these. Perfect for your mouth and pretty in your pocketbook.

MAC: Proenza Schouler Lipstick in Mangrove (Matte)

MAC: Proenza Schouler Lipstick in Mangrove (Matte)/ $22

You can never go wrong with a great red and MAC’s newest “Mangrove” color is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s unique and unexpected; an orange-red that pops perfectly with a bare summer face. It’s clean, bright and beautiful.

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Hot in Hong Kong

Hot in Hong Kong

Hot in Hong Kong

Hot in Hong Kong

Hot in Hong Kong

When I walked out of the Hong Kong airport, the heat of the city slapped me so hard across the face, it was like a woman catching her cheating husband with a long-suspected mistress. I was literally gobsmacked at how oppressive it was and that’s saying a lot, coming from a Miami girl. While I’m no stranger to tropical temperatures, this was something totally different; a whole other level. The overwhelming warmth simultaneously penetrated and radiated through every single pore of my body. The surprising thing was: I liked it. A lot.

Once I got my bearings, which meant shaking off one of the longest plane rides I’ve ever endured (17-plus hours, in coach, with swollen joints, head-bobbing sleep, recycled air and not enough wine in the world to dull me of my misery,) I cabbed my way into “The Pearl of the Orient.” That’s Hong Kong’s nickname and I was about to find out why.

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Happy Independence Day

Wishing everyone a fashionable 4th ❤️

Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day!
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