Shireen’s Spotlight: Bull Market American Bar & Kitchen

Shireen's Spotlight: Bull Market American Bar & Kitchen

Shireen's Spotlight: Bull Market American Bar & Kitchen

Shireen's Spotlight: Bull Market American Bar & Kitchen

Shireen's Spotlight: Bull Market American Bar & Kitchen

Shireen's Spotlight: Bull Market American Bar & Kitchen


New brunch menu items at Bull Market, 210 SW 2nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33301


“Bull Market” is the perfect kind of place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon; eating, drinking and just having a good time with friends. Besides being voted “Best Brunch” by New Times (in 2015), they’ve recently updated their brunch menu, providing good eats for a great price. Here are some of the mouth-watering reasons you should check it out…

They have a killer Bloody Mary bar (you make your own drink – just the way you want it). I take mine extra spicy with olives, bacon and cheese. Their Grilled Cheese Flights is a modern day twist on a traditional favorite and who needs a lot of money when you can munch on the “Millionaire Burger?” Okay, maybe you’ll need a few dollars to pay for it, but MAN, it’s mind-blowing.

I started Spotlight with three drinks: a tasty (and majorly stacked) Bloody Mary, a refreshing Mimosa and one of their famed cheeky drinks called: “The Panty Dropper” (made with Nolet’s cucumber gin, house made strawberry lemonade and basil).

Haha! I totally get it now. The drink goes down so easily, after a few rounds you’ll be doing waaaay more than just dropping your panties. More like dancing on the table and, perhaps, even scribbling your phone number on the bathroom wall. Bring a designated driver, so you can enjoy it. On the food side…

The Lobster Eggs Benedict was creamy and delicious (with Maine Lobster, freshly poached eggs, served on a toasted English Muffin). The aforementioned Millionaire Burger (Angus beef, maytag blue cheese, port wine sauce, grilled mushrooms and crunch onion frizzles) was my absolute fav thing on the menu, but the Grilled Cheese Flights (mini grilled cheese sandwiches served with shots of roasted tomato basil) were a close second. Yup, just like mom used to make, but way better. Don’t tell her I said that.

What’s weekend brunching without a heaping helping of French Toast? I had BM’s hand-dipped challah bread, coated in Captain Crunch cereal and topped with a house-made berry glaze. This plate is perfect if you’re a sweets-eater or you’re just looking to balance out something salty. I love ordering two dishes with my boo. He gets sugary, I get savory and we share. It’s the best of both worlds.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with Bull Balls (doughnut holes served with caramel/chocolate dipping sauces and shots of milk). This is the bomb-dot-com and when mine arrived at the table, they were so fresh, they literally melted in my mouth. Nothing like some fried dough to end a great brunch.

Bull Market has a really cool, laid-back atmosphere, highlighted by a rustic bar look. It reminds me a little of the hipster bars/restaurants in Austin, Texas. Lucky for me, though, it’s in South Florida and serves up amazingly creative food, along with some traditional favorites and that’s why it’s one of my favorite things.


Bull Market is located downtown Fort Lauderdale in an area known as Riverfront. It’s busy on the weekend, but street and lot parking are plentiful. I love making a day of it, because the restaurant is a block or so away from the IMAX Theatre. Brunch and a matinee? Now you’re talking. Cheers!


Monday-Sunday 11am-2am, Brunch Saturday & Sunday 11am-3pm

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