Summer Sets in Miami

Summer Sets in Miami

Summer Sets in Miami

Summer Sets in Miami

Summer Sets in Miami

Summer Sets in Miami

Summer Sets in Miami


Summer Sets in Miami


I’m pretty sure when you die and go to Hell, God says in dramatic fashion: “You’ll be spending the summer in Miami.” (Insert evil laugh here.) Yup. Summertime in South Florida IS officially upon us and I don’t believe I’m exaggerating when I say, it feels like Hell on Earth! 👿🔥

It’s not just the heat, either: it’s the cra cra humidity. That’s the tropics for you. Hello, hurricane season. It’s so oppressive, it’s borderline suffocating; making it almost impossible to keep any kind of fashion game (as the kids say) on fleek.

Honestly, if it weren’t for my television hair and make-up team (Javier, Jess, Odett and Cindy), I’d look like a bonafide hot mess and not the good kind. My mom likes to call it the “drowned rat look.” And while my beauty bosses are indeed amazing (because it takes a village) they’re not really responsible for what’s happening from the neck down. With that being said…

Sometimes, I shvitz so badly, I’ve thought about having my sweat glands removed or better yet, getting Botox shot into parts of my body that produce unrelenting perspiration. The thing is, during Summer in South Florida that would frankly mean all of me and I’m not willing to be a human pincushion. Besides, I hate needles. I’ve also heard wherever you block the sweat with Botox, it just ends up coming out in some other area. I can see it now: sweaty forearms while I’m hosting Deco Drive. Smh. I feel like…

I’m only sitting pretty when I’m in a refrigerated room set at a solid 70 degrees, water bottle in hand, with no threat of a tropical storm looming (which could cause rolling power outages. Don’t get me started on what a hurricane would do to my beauty regimen). I hate to babble on and be all dramatic, I mean…

You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but every year (more specifically, June through October), I find myself uttering phrases like: “Can you believe how hot it is?!!” Or “It’s hot as balls; I think I’m dying.” Mind you, I muffle these one-liners to anyone who will listen and more importantly, commiserate. (Sigh)…

Sure, looking good from “Beach-to-Bar” is the stuff Miami fashionistas are known for, but looking GREAT at work, a black-tie event, a sophisticated dinner or any other kind of special occasion, well, that presents a whole other challenge in itself. Especially if you’re doing it OUTSIDE. It’s anyone’s guess what you’ll end up looking like after a mere five minutes in the South Florida heat and humidity. That’s why…

I’m currently obsessed with “Summer Sets in Miami” by IORANE. Yes, I’m talking matchy-matchy, pieces that already go-together-without-thinking. It’s kind of like Garanimals for adults, but sexier and a lot sassier. IORANE’S shirt and skirt sets are my favorite: easy, effortless and a no-brainer.

During our sweltering summer months, not fussing over what to wear and how to wear it is a complete Godsend. IORANE’s “Summer Sets in Miami” are already perfectly paired and incredibly pretty. Not to mention the fact that they use extremely light and breathable materials. I love their dresses too; they radiate a romantic feminine flair.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s for good reason. Although the Brazilian-based company has been in the fashion business for 23 years, it’s just recently made its way to the U-S and what better place to do it than Miami? Our climate and fashion are one in the same.

IORANE’S first store in the states was a pop-up in Aventura and most recently, the shi-shi part of Sawgrass Mills Mall called The Colonnade. They’ve also launched their worldwide on-line retail store ( Don’t miss Deco Drive tonight as we get up close and personal with this family-owned fashion company.

We’re showcasing intricate lace, bold/bright colors and versatile looks you can take from day-to-night. No matter how you wear “Summer Sets in Miami” by IORANE, you’ll definitely beat the heat looking cool and collected and that’s why it’s one of my favorite things.


You can shop IORANE Monday-Saturday 10am-9:30pm and Sunday 11am-8pm or shop on-line and enter the code DECODRIVETV to receive 15% off your purchase at

Twitter: @iorane, IG: @ioraneworldwide, FB: @Ioranestore


IORANE is located inside the Sawgrass Mills Mall at The Colonnade Shops directly across from Gucci. This particular part of the shopping center is open-aired and chock-full of designer stores and restaurants. Your best bet is to valet because it’s fast, efficient and affordable. Self parking can be tedious and on the weekend, it’s almost impossible, unless you’re up for a good walk. Happy shopping!

I live in Florida and people are crazy here. And I say that lovingly.Amy Seimetz

James Woodley Photography
Styling: Gabby at IORANE & Shireen Sandoval
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
Editor: Matthew ” Matty-Matty” Auerbach

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