Shireen’s Spotlight: River Yacht Club

River Yacht Club

River Yacht Club

River Yacht Club

River Yacht Club

River Yacht Club


River Yacht Club, 401 SW 3rd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33130


River Yacht Club is a celebration of everything that makes Miami so magical: sparkling sunshine, beautiful blue water, over-the-top boats, thought-provoking art, refreshing adult beverages and most importantly, fabulous food.

What’s more, the crowd is just as gorgeous as the restaurant itself; it’s definitely a place to-see-and-be-seen. I dined at the nautical-themed eatery a few weeks ago and while I have to admit it was blazing hot outside (it IS summer in Miami,) I was glassy-eyed over its beauty and would go back in a New York minute.

Extremely thirsty, I started spotlight with a refreshing “All Hands on Deck” (a Brazilian-inspired spirit made with blueberries, lime and sparkling wine.) After I cooled off, though, my temperature shot back up with “The Waterfront” (made with tequilla, watermelon water, fennel, lime and habanero bitters.) Man, it was spi-ce-y, but delicious. It’s definitely a multiple rounds kind-of drink.

While tasting the “Blackberry Smash” (Absolut Elx, lemon, mint, blackberries, and angostura bitters,) my first appetizer arrived: “Green Beans & Avocado Salad” (with roasted red pepper, seaweed and soy dressing.) It was incredibly fresh and healthy. I loved the combination of greens, especially mixed with seaweed.

The “Sea Salt and Pepper Grouper” (served with sweet and sour sauce) was my absolute favorite. It’s basically chunks of grouper flash-fried and seasoned. It’s light, succulent and not at all greasy. My main course, “Colorado Rack of Lamb” (served with sautéed purple cauliflower and fennel,) was beyond delicious. It was cooked to perfection and tasted tender and juicy.

My dessert, “Baba au Rum Sundae” (pineapple infused with jalapeño, vanilla ice cream and rum) was visually awe-inspiring. It’s a stacked glass of love meant to be shared. I gave it my best shot, but my crew had to help me gobble it up. Plus, we wanted to demolish it before the heat did.

River Yacht Club is just incredibly impressive: from its view to the food (and so much more,) it’s just one of the reasons why Miami is called The Magic City — and that’s why it’s one of my favorite things.


River Yacht Club is downtown by the Miami River. This part of the Magic City is still up-and-coming, so, if you don’t score a parking place by the restaurant, definitely take advantage of their valet parking. On-site security provides a safe and easy-going atmosphere. Cheers!


Tuesday 6pm-11pm, Wed 12pm-11pm , Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 12pm-12am, Saturday 11am-12am & Sunday 12pm-11pm.

Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk.Sir Francis Chichester
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