Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce

Desert Mirages with Montce


Montce Swim 915 NE 20th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33303


Just like most women, I have a love/hate relationship with swimsuit season. I worry about feeling comfortable, confident and carefree. Adding fuel to the fire, as a fashion writer, I want my beachwear to be about more than just displaying my boobs and butt, I want style and pizzazz…

And because I’m on television, my bosses don’t exactly want me showing my lady bits to all of South Florida. I get it, but every year the aforementioned makes for a bit of a challenge when it comes to my blog. I’ve often thought about “skipping” over swimsuit season, but how can I? I’m in the land of sun, sand, surf and sexiness.

So, with a diet and work-out plan intact, I set out to find the most fabulously fashion-forward swimsuits of the season (preferably one-piece). Mama prefers a little extra coverage. After scouring designer after designer, I landed on Montce Swim by Alexandra Grief. I was immediately smitten.

Her swimsuit game is beyond STRONG for all the right reasons. Montce is all about quality and fit. Alexandra uses the finest materials and believes a suit shouldn’t dig into your skin, but rather lay flush and feature only your best assets. This girl knows her stuff.

She started her business in the living room of her apartment, making suits for South Florida beach bums and vacation-bound beauties. Her popularity grew by word of mouth and eventually she opened her Fort Lauderdale boutique. After that, the Pacific came calling; more specifically, Hermosa Beach, California, where she opened her second location.

Montce is worn by the rich and famous: Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner, to name but two. The line is even featured in this year’s famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (worn by plus-sized model, Robyn Lawley). Which got me to thinking… how could I possibly put a new twist on an already terrific swimsuit trend?

I’m not exactly a beach girl (I know, I know — uttering those words in these parts is practically a crime). The truth is, I’m a desert girl. I grew up in New Mexico where the unforgiving sun and the blistering heat is a rich part of the Southwestern landscape and yes, we wear bathing suits, too. Albeit, in a more reserved, protect your skin kind of way.

The desert is this magical place, with its own distinct, exquisite, unbridled beauty and I knew “Desert Mirages with Montce” is exactly what I wanted the theme of the bathing suit blog to be. So (along with my Shireen’s Favorite Things team), I chose my favorite flatlands and built four fashionable ideas around them: Area 51 in New Mexico (an homage to my home state), Grand Canyon in Nevada, a Mirage in Morocco and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

My Montce one-pieces consisted of cut-out’s, fringe and plunging necklines. I wanted drama, because in a swimsuit it tends to mean more color, material and design. A healthy dose of fantasy is the inspiration behind this blog and my team has a lot of it. I guess the main purpose of it all is about embracing individuality, uniqueness and realizing a good swimsuit can transcend any landscape.

For me, the summer season isn’t just about getting half-naked, it’s about finding a balance between sexuality and fashion. Not an easy feat in the Magic City.

Don’t miss Deco Drive tonight as we highlight the latest and greatest in swimwear by Montce (color blocking, high-waisted trunks, push-up and padded tops, one-pieces with personality and beautiful bikini’s).

They definitely have something for everyone and that’s why “Desert Mirages with Montce” is one of my favorite things.


Montce is snuggled inside a two-story store front in a hip little area of Fort Lauderdale. Alongside a cute little restaurant called “Eat the Tea” you’ll find a smattering of shops, but none as provocative as Montce Swim.

When you open the door, you’ll find a shabby chic staircase leading to the second floor. Take an immediate right and you’ll see the sign on the right-hand side. It looks demure, but inside it’s all fashion hustle and bustle. It’s actually surprising and very energetic. They describe it as a “bathing suit speakeasy.” I’ll drink to that!


Monday – Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday 11am-7pm & Sunday 11am-6pm or shop on-line at

Some say that true love is a mirage; seek it anyway, for all else is surely desert.Robert Brault
Swimsuits provided by Montce Swim: IG: @montce_swim & FB: Montce Swim
Jewelry: Josette Redwolf IG: @josette_redwolf
Shoes: IG: @justfabonline
Spray Tan: IG: @bronzedontheglo
James Woodley Photography
Special FX by James Woodley
Styling: Jackie Kay
Make-up: Tabitha Rey & Hair: Jess Stuver of
Editor: Matthew “One-Piece” Auerbach

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