Shireen’s Spotlight: Kuro inside the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Kuro at the Hard Rock

Kuro at the Hard Rock

Kuro at the Hard Rock

Kuro at the Hard Rock

Kuro at the Hard Rock


Kuro, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, Florida 33314


Unique, sophisticated and amazingly delicious, Kuro is a class act and a definite must-try if you’re a foodie or if you’re just the kind of person who appreciates beautiful and tasty things. The palatial restaurant, housed inside the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, doesn’t feel as big as it actually is.

Its decor, which is an awe-inspiring blend of shining glass, tiles, shells, lights and chandeliers, fills the restaurant with a kind of warm, intimate glamour. The open-air bar, where I decided to start my meal, is especially exquisite. At sunset, it gleams in a rich, earthy gold, reminiscent of Russian opulence (without all the fuss, naturally, because it’s a Japanese restaurant.)

My first appetizer, the “Tuna Crispy Rice” (spicy tuna and caviar) was an incredible mix of soft and crispy textures. I washed it down with a sweet and succulent drink called: “NI” (rum, yuzu, watermelon, thai basil, fennel syrup and togarashi.) The clean, creative concoction was made by Kuro’s master mixologist, Jared Boller.

Boller (by the way) totally knows what he’s doing. He has mad mixing skillzzzzz, probably some of the best I’ve encountered in South Florida. He builds his drinks to awaken your taste buds one layer at a time. Boller also knows his way around an ice block, basing beverages on how different ices – cuts and kinds – affect the taste of alcohol and all of its trimmings.

With that being said, I’m not sure there are enough appropriate adjectives to describe the wonderful assortment of drinks I tasted at Kuro, but “provocative” and “entertaining” will have to do. Here’s the list: “ICHI” (made with scotch, sea salt, cucumber, lime juice and dry vermouth,) “HACHI” (Japanese 4 mushroom bourbon, mirin, black pepper syrup and lemon juice,) “BITTER” (rye whiskey, campari, beet juice and roasted coffee) and, last but not least, “SALTY” (Roku shochu, prosecco, soy, coriander, honey, lemon and pomegranate molasses.)

Along with a plethora of palette-pleasing drinks, I had an amazing plate of extremely fresh, art-infused sushi (each piece was so well-crafted, the presentation looked like a painting) and of course, tasted terrific: “Tuna” (wasabi and truffle tofu,) “Seared Hamachi” (cilantro, jalapeño ponzu,) “Scallop” (sea salt, yuzu jelly,) “Kanpachi” (cucumber, shio kombu,) “House Smoked Trout” (shiso, yuzu kosho aioli) “Seared Salmon” (chive, onion sauce) and “Toro” (seasame, negi.) It may sound like a lot, but when you look at the pictures, the sushi is dainty, delicate and decadent.

For my main course, the “Ribeye Miso” was rich, flavorful and juicy (served with pine nut miso, grilled asparagus and shiso dressing.) Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, dessert was served and for the record, I’ve never EVER in my life seen or tasted anything like the “Kuro Goma Panna Cotta” (with ginger gelee, cucumber pearl, pomegranate foam and nori sponge crumble,) it was a fantastic carnival of sweetness, with ever-changing textures on my tastebuds.

I’m no food critic, but this is one of the most spectacular restaurants I’ve featured on Spotlight. Mainly, because of its quality: it’s consistent across the board. From the atmosphere to the drinks, food and dessert, it’s definitely one of my favorite things. Happy Weekend!


Kuro is located inside the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino just off the left side of the main lobby. It’s between the Rock Shop and valet pick-up, snuggled alongside the pool area. Whether you valet or self-park, there’s always plenty of space and great service to help you get to where you’re going.


Tuesday-Thursday 5:30pm-10:30pm, Friday-Saturday 5:30pm-11:00pm, Sunday 5:30pm-10:30pm. Bar & Lounge Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-close.

Beautiful food and health are priceless.Bryant Mcgill

For reservations call 954-327-7625 or email
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Writer: Shireen Sandoval
Producer: Jessie Rosario
Styling: Jackie Kay
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