The 12 Minute Escape

The 12 Minute Escape

The 12 Minute Escape

The 12 Minute Escape

The 12 Minute Escape

The 12 Minute Escape

The 12 Minute Escape


A new rest & relaxation treatment called “Timeless Capsule” at Ritz-Carlton, South Beach and yes, it only takes 12 minutes. The question is: does it really work?


My daily life is crazy. It goes something like this…

Alarm, iPhone, computer, coffee, eat, work-out, shower, sit in traffic, get to work, hair, make-up, meet early writing deadlines, live television, eat, meet late writing deadlines, live television, drive home, sleep, repeat.

In between those moments — there are blogs to be written, pictures to be taken, social media postings to be tended to, a boyfriend to spend time with, a dog to be loved and a life to be lived. Who has time for rest & relaxation?

Well, according to the good folks over at Ritz-Carlton, South Beach (who’ve just given their spa a gorgeous renovation,) I actually DO have time.

Maybe not a lot of it, but just enough to give myself a much-needed break during one of my hectic days.

It’s called: “Timeless Capsule” and it only takes 12 minutes.

It’s a specialized seating area of the spa featuring two massage chairs.

One is called “Fusion + Studio” — the other — “ZG Recliner.”

I chose the recliner because it reminded me of something you would see on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, plus it promised a zero gravity-like effect. I always wanted to be a stylish astronaut.

BTW, during your quick beauty fix there’s no disrobing, sticky oils or excess creams that usually leave you looking like a hot mess.

Instead, you just wear your work clothes and have a seat. Once you’ve reclined (under the watchful eye of a therapist,) your scalp or neck and feet are rubbed into submission and the “ZG Recliner” does, in fact, suspend you into a neutral position.

During my time in the pod area, the pain I usually feel in my lower back, hips and knees grew weaker until it eventually subsided and before I knew it, I was surprisingly relaxed. It was H-E-A-V-E-N.

Tonight on Deco Drive, we’re featuring the “Fusion + Studio” chair as well, which uses sight, sound, touch and smell to relax you. Don’t miss the show at 7:30 & 11:30pm as we get totally zen (in no time at all.)

Life is busy, I get it, but taking time for yourself is as important as all the other stuff, even if it means squeezing in “The 12 Minute Escape” and yes, it works; that’s why it’s one of my Favorite Things.


The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach
One Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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