Shireen’s Spotlight: Stubborn Seed

Shireen’s Spotlight: Stubborn Seed

Shireen’s Spotlight: Stubborn Seed

Shireen’s Spotlight: Stubborn Seed

Shireen’s Spotlight: Stubborn Seed

Shireen’s Spotlight: Stubborn Seed

Shireen’s Spotlight: Stubborn Seed


Dining at one of the most talked-about new hot spots on South Beach: “Stubborn Seed,” helmed by celebrity chef, Jeremy Ford, who won Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13.


If you like modern sophistication with a healthy dose of eccentric creativity, I have two words for you: “Stubborn Seed” — not only is the new eatery a place to see and be seen, it’s also a haven for the genuine foodie.

The best way to describe the cuisine is a “symphony of flavors”. It’s well thought-out, carefully planned and meticulously executed. The true crescendo, though, is when the food hits your mouth. And, like most music or any form of art, while you may not fully understand it, you can still enjoy and appreciate it.

In case you’re wondering, the name “Stubborn Seed” is a cloaked metaphor about the restaurant biz. More specifically, about the struggles, determination and passion it takes to succeed in it…

Which is something Chef Jeremy Ford knows a lot about. Despite having huge success on a major reality show, his extensive cooking knowledge has been won the hard way. In and out of kitchens since the age of 14, Jeremy has slowly worked his way up the proverbial food chain.

And you might say, he’s finally arrived…

“Stubborn Seed” is an effortlessly chic experience, with warm lighting, a predominant bar and (my favorite part) an intimate dining room. At its center, a large glass window showcasing what’s going on in the kitchen. It’s not just about seeing the magic, it’s also about feeling like an extension of that creative process.

I started my Sunday night #Spotlight with the interesting and innovative “Desert Daisy” — a tequila-based drink with a spicy kick — made with yummy ingredients like beets, orange bell pepper, lime & habanero shrub. It’s served on ice in this really cool Earth Dome glass with a dusting of carrot habanero. It’s a pinky-lifting drink. #ImSoFancy

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, the “Silver Dollar Old Fashioned” will definitely pay off. The drink, which arrives on a shiny silver tray, is pre-set with the perfect ingredients. With a choice of bourbon or whiskey (I did bourbon,) in-house seasonal bitters and golden simple syrup, pour your own personal measurements and mix! Or, if you’re like me, ask a professional! My server was a great sport…

Besides, the only thing I should be pouring is wine (I’m pretty decent at straight vodka, too.) Both drinks were amazing. Of course, I suggest the Desert Daisy for a lady and the Old Fashioned for a gentlemen. Neither disappoints and both are beautifully presented. Wait — who am I kidding? I drink like a sailor and would settle for both #StrongDrinksMakeMeHappy

From the menu, which is pretty straightforward & printed on paper (because it’s constantly changing,) I tried a piece of the complimentary warm bread with a side of garbanzo chili dip. It was sooooo soft (like buttah) and the dip had great texture and taste. If you want more, you can order it as an appetizer. Carbohydrates make my world go round, so for me, this is a must-try and believe me, it’s not a waste of space or calories.

I tried two appetizers — on the menu they’re presented as Raw / Snacks …

The “Hawaii Kajiki” (which is basically Blue Marlin) is a delicate blend of salty and savory, made with fermented chili, buttermilk, seaweed, sea grapes and asian pear. If you’re a fan of sashimi, you’ll love this.

And the “Smoked Foie Gras” — which is delicate and divine — is served with almonds, winter squash and quince. (Quince is kind-of like a fancy pear.) If you’ve never ventured into Foie Gras, this is definitely the place to do it. Plus, the presentation is filled with dramatic smokey goodness (the blog picture says it all.)

I also tried two mains — on the menu, they’re presented as Meats / Fish …

The “Slow Cooked Florida Snapper” was a foamy work-of-art, made with poblano cucumber lime, little neck clams, bitter lettuce & asian greens. It’s a carnival of light flavors worth trying; especially if you’re a fish lover.

Meat lover’s REJOICE! (Uh, that would be ME,) because the “Umami Short Rib” is amazeballs. Tender and tasty, it’s plated with trumpet mushrooms, heirloom carrots and miso mustard butter. I liked the balance of both dishes, but the ribs were so perfect, I almost proposed. #PrioritiesPeople

After Thanksgiving, you may not be game for dessert, but don’t ignore whatever it is they’re serving. I thoroughly enjoyed the “Stout Cake” with caramelized apples and ginger ice cream. It wasn’t too sweet, but it was indeed tasty. Who knew beer could be so fluffy and fantastic? (Said the girl who prefers vodka.)

If you’re looking for something different, interesting and incredibly provocative, “Stubborn Seed” is not only set to impress, it’s positioning itself as one of the best restaurants in the Magic City and to think it’s just getting started…that’s why it’s one of my Favorite Things..


Stubborn Seed
101 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL. 33139


Sunday-Thursday: 6pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday: 6pm-12am
Monday: Closed
Reservations: 786-322-5211

Be Social
IG: @stubborn_seed
FB: @stubbornseed
Twitter: @StubbornSeed

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