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Shireen’s Spotlight: The Strand Bar & Grill


Airy and chic, “The Strand Bar & Grill” is a sophisticated space snuggled inside Carillon Miami, a world-class Wellness Resort geared towards a healthy lifestyle. While the hotel is known for its beautiful oceanfront views, MiMo architecture and lavish stylings, it finally has a restaurant to match its prestige.

Although the menu is a flow of foodie favorites like Foie Gras and Beef Tartare, it’s also incredibly unique, thanks to the way Executive Chef, Stephen Ullrich, interprets and presents his food. He also knows a thing or two about whipping up creative culinary concoctions you’ve never heard of, like Caviar Pie, which happens to be insanely delicious.

I started Spotlight with some interesting cocktails: “A Beet Up Mule,” with Beet Infused Açaí Veev and Ginger Beer, tasted surprisingly healthy. I also tried “No More Thyme,” a whiskey-based cocktail with herb syrups and frothy egg whites, garnished with a goo-goo-eyed baby duck sure to make you smile.

Before dinner got started, Chef warmed me up with an amuse-bouche of savory diced octopus. Just as I was wrapping my mind around its deliciousness — a flurry of fabulous food made its way to the table.

The starters at “The Strand Bar & Grill” are the bomb-dot-com, especially the “Stracciatella,” served with stone fruit and basil. If you’re a “Steak Tartare” fan, they make theirs with mustard emulsion and beet pickled onions, which gives it a slight kick. It’s perfect if you pair it with a crisp Riesling.

The Caviar Pie was my favorite of the night. I mean, just the words alone: “Caviar Pie” — sent my taste buds into a total tizzy. The app comes with the typical trimmings, but it’s some kind of secret sauce slathered under the cavvy that evokes sheer foodie happiness. Pairing your pie with a petite glass of Sparkling Rose Asti Spumante is highly recommended.

The “Soft Poached Egg” with lobster, porcini & pumpernickel breadcrumbs was spectacular, too. Stir your own dish for optimal deliciousness. For the record, this is Chef’s favorite, so you know you’re in good company when you sop up this ooey-gooey plate of perfection. Every single server I came in contact with at “The Strand” is all about the “Foie Gras” because it’s pan seared, which in their opinion (and mine) improves the overall texture. It’s definitely a must-try.

The “Beet Bucatini” (thick spaghetti-like pasta) was light and refreshing, made with arugula pesto, whipped ricotta and parmesan. If you’re more of a meat lover, the hearty “Lamb Trio” with smoked yogurt sauce won’t disappoint (you get to taste the belly, loin and sausage.) Watching your waistline? Try the “Sea Scallops” served on top of brussel sprouts in a pomegranate sauce.

OMG. I thought I was full until the “Coconut Panna Cotta” & “Pecan Pie Bread Pudding” arrived at the table — both desserts were beautifully plated, but if I were a dead woman walking, I’d go down with a mouthful of bread pudding. Don’t judge me until you’ve tasted it.

A chic atmosphere, a ducky drink, great food and more — “The Strand Bar & Grill” is worth a night out on the town and… a long walk on the beach after dinner in the moonlight never hurt a person either and that’s why, it’s one of my Favorite Things. Cheers!


The Strand Bar And Grill at Carillon Miami
6801 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33141


Dinner 6pm-10:30pm / Bar open until 11pm

Be Social:
FB: @TheStrandMiami
IG: @thestrandmiami

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