Sophisticated and fashionable swimsuit cover-ups by Carlos Marrero, who also happens to be my favorite scarf designer.


“If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” — it’s a saying a lot of South Florida fashionistas live by, but what if you’re still working on IT or prefer keeping IT “UnderCover?”

Like any tanned and toned Miami beach bunny (okay, so I’m pale and always trying to get in shape,) I love a good swimsuit, but I prefer one that expresses fashion, not one that shows off what the good Lord gave me. My grandmother always used to say: “Leave something to the imagination”.. She’d obviously never been to Miami in the summer. I’m sweating just writing this. Anyhow…

Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the fear of people picking me apart because I’m on television, but I always try for class and comfort when it comes to swimwear. Besides, sometimes “lady bits” can be overrated (actually, any kind of “bits” can be).


What I wear WITH my swimsuit is just as crucial: hat, sunglasses and the all-important cover-up. Living in the tropics is always a challenge style-wise because of the heat and humidity; add fashion sensibility to the list and finding the perfect summer pieces can be downright difficult.

But thanks to the Marrero Collection by Carlos Marrero, my “UnderCover” warm weather wardrobe just got a major upgrade. BTW, Carlos and I just worked on the blog “Summer Chic”, showcasing his new scarf designs, but we also featured his new cover-up collection.

The designs were literally hot off the presses when they appeared on Deco Drive, allowing us no time for a photo shoot for Favorite Things. I was so enamored with the cover-ups, I asked Carlos if we could feature them during #MiamiSwimWeek as an ode to all things fun in the sun. Plus, his new creations were featured during this year’s worldwide swimwear extravaganza on South Beach.

I love the light and airy personality of his designs, but its the textures — bold, sexy and feminine — that truly makes them something special. Carlos gets that whole beach-to-pool thing, too and it’s expressed in the line’s versatility. I chose to style four of his cover-ups for my particular lifestyle.

While I love the beach, I’m not a sun worshipper, per se. I enjoy walking the shore line, watching the sun rise or set or just taking time for myself to feel the positive and healing energy of the ocean. During those moments I dress for (as I mentioned before) class and comfort, but also for myself. I love being able to throw something on and feel effortlessly put together.

If you’re looking to give your summer/pool/beach/party wardrobe some fashion-forward pizzazz or you just wanna look great while going “UnderCover” — you’ll love the Marrero Collection cover-ups; they’re one of my Favorite Things and I’m sure after you toss one on, they’ll be yours, too.

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Don’t forget your sunscreen.



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But people are oceans, she shrugged. You cannot know them by their surface.Beau Taplin/Surfaces
Photographer: James Woodley Photography
All cover-up’s by Marrero Collection
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
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Wrapped & Bagged

As a young boy, designer Carlos Marrero was obsessed with clothing patterns; more specifically, the beautiful images of fashion-forward women on their packaging. His grandmother (who helped raise him because his mother was a single, working parent) loved sewing designs from the likes of McCall’s and Butterick’s.

By doing so, she unlocked his artistic imagination without even knowing it. After she would finish a pattern, or at least take it from its packaging, Carlos would study the drawings and practice replicating them over and over again. He laughs wholeheartedly when he relays the story to me at Circa 39 Hotel on Miami Beach, where I interviewed him and shot fashion photos for the blog.

“Try being a boy growing up in Puerto Rico drawing women from patterns,” he told me, coyly. Carlos doesn’t just have a great sense of humor about it, he’s beyond modest when it comes to relaying just how successful he’s become as a fashion illustrator. After honing his skills when he was young, then going on to art school in Chicago and hustling his way into the office of a major fashion magazine (to fill in for someone who had cancelled at the last minute,) he finally got his big break.

Over the next 25 years, he would draw, sketch and create images for some of the most powerful fashion magazines in the world: Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Latina and Vogue. Over the last few years, though, Carlos has gone through a major transformation, recreating and re-branding himself, especially as the magazine world has fallen into a hushed corner due to the social media revolution.

Part of that transformation is called the “Marrero Collection,” an affordable accessory line featuring beautiful boho scarves and glamorous black and white purses. Each item is adorned with one of Carlos’ famous sketches; a fetching fashion lady, whimsical shoes, pretty purses, fabulous flowers, a lucky white elephant, tropical turtles or a tempting tigress.

As a fashionista who’s been hoarding scarves for years, I’m in love with his neckerchiefs (a smaller scarf, easily wrapped around your hair or neck.) When I confess this to Carlos, he laughs and says: “You gotta love a good purse lift, too.” When I look at him perplexed, he explains…

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