Beautifully Bejeweled

Beautifully Bejeweled

Beautifully Bejeweled

Beautifully Bejeweled

Beautifully Bejeweled

Beautifully Bejeweled

Beautifully Bejeweled

Beautifully Bejeweled


Gorgeous “giftable” jewelry by Pandora at the Brickell City Centre downtown Miami.


Like most women, I LOVE jewelry, but I’ve never really openly admitted it. I’ve always painted myself as more of a shoe and handbag lover and frankly, it’s because of sheer intimidation.

Either the price tag freaks me out or the man who’s buying it (an ex-husband or boyfriend,) was given some sort of relationship ultimatum, was making up for lost time or they were simply trying to tame the beast (me) after some wrong-doing and well, that’s not the kind of jewelry that evokes happy memories.

Luckily, that was then and this is now…

I’m older, wiser and I don’t need a man to buy me jewelry. What’s more, spending a fortune on beautiful diamonds, pearls (or anything in between) seems so passé this day and age; especially with brands like “Pandora,” which I’ve recently fallen head over heels for. Pandora makes me feel “Beautifully Bejeweled” for so many reasons.

The company, which started in 1982 in Denmark, was a family-run jewelry shop that exploded onto the fashion scene with its charm bracelets. It seemed everyone had one! In fact, their bracelets are still more popular than ever.

The more, the better! You know exactly what I’m talking about if you’re a Pandora lover. Its mass appeal, great quality and affordable pricing made the charm bracelet a fabulous fad that has yet to lose its luster.

Fast forward a few decades later and Pandora has quickly grown into a worldwide jewelry powerhouse, creating spectacular pieces that can make a girl feel special without breaking the bank.

More importantly: as times have changed, Pandora has, too, appealing to the modern woman with jewelry she can gift a friend, sister, mother, daughter, even herself.

The line is built around “collecting,” meaning each new piece you add to your existing jewelry wardrobe will easily fit in, creating a cohesive collection.

The company understands social media, too, using Instagram to shower its fan base with ideas of how to modernize and recreate trends of days gone by. For example: “These aren’t your grandmother’s pearls” or “Cuffs worn with high fashion creativity.”

In our busy lives, it’s the little things that make the difference and Pandora has subtly harnessed those nuanced moments. I love gifting myself jewelry for small reasons: finishing an impossible task, celebrating a private milestone or simply because I can. Man, it feels good to write that.

Don’t miss Deco Drive tonight (at 7:30pm & 11:30pm on Channel 7/FOX,) as Shireen’s Favorite Things is invited inside the Pandora Concept store at Brickell City Centre downtown Miami.

We’ll be exploring great gift ideas for the holidays (asymmetrical earrings, pearls, cuffs and much more,) because every girl deserves to be “Beautifully Bejeweled”.


The Pandora concept store is located on the 3rd level of Brickell City Centre.
701 S. Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33131

Below is a detailed list of each jewelry look I’m wearing in the blog. Happy shopping and of course, Happy Christmas!

First Look/Pandora’s Rose Gold:
Hearts of PANDORA Necklace ($150/each). This versatile PANDORA Rose™ necklace collier features the classic PANDORA logo on one side and a circle of shimmering stones on the other. Forever PANDORA Earrings, in PANDORA Rose ($70). Sparkling Bow Ring ($70). Hearts of PANDORA Ring ($90). My Princess Tiara, PANDORA Rose ($80).

Second Look/Pandora’s Midnight Blue:
Patterns of Frost, Multi-Colored Crystal Earrings ($75). Patterns of Frost, Multi-Colored Crystal Necklace Pendant ($60). PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION Bangle Bracelet ($60). Twinkling Forever Bangle Bracelet ($100). Sterling Silver w/ 14K Gold Clasp Bracelet ($325).

Third Look/Gold/Oxidized/Leather:
Right hand: Entwined Bracelet ($125). 14K Gold Bangle w/ Signature Clasp ($1,295). Timeless Elegance bangle ($100). Left Hand: Oxidized Sterling Silver Barrel Clasp Bracelet ($65). Champagne colored double leather bracelet ($45). Radiant Elegance, 14K Gold Earrings ($200). Lace Botanique Dangle ($150).

IG: @pandorabrickellcitycentre
FB: Pandora Brickell City Centre

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.Epictetus
Photographer / Tracy Mendy
Wardrobe styling: Jackie Kay
dress provided by on Lincoln Road, South Beach
Jewelry styling: Pandora located inside Brickell City Centre
Grooming: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew “Not your grandmother’s editor” Auerbach

The Ultimate Fantasy Gift

The Ultimate Fantasy Gift

The Ultimate Fantasy Gift

The Ultimate Fantasy Gift

The Ultimate Fantasy Gift

Christmas and Chanukah are such a special time of year, it seems as if almost anything is possible. People care more, give more, love more and wish for more. It’s a time to dream big, live large and fantasize about the world we live in and all of the awe-inspiring trappings that go along with it.

Whether you long for world peace, dream of going home for the holidays or yearn for that one amazing gift (the one you weren’t generous enough to buy yourself this year,) there’s definitely something for everyone to wish for during the holidays. While I adore time with friends, family and want everyone to be happy and healthy, I’m also eternally wide-eyed and inquisitive about the world’s most fascinating and fashion-forward gifts.

I have the best job for that curiosity, too. All year long, not only do I get to meet and interview the most provocative, influential and amazing designers on the planet, I get to interpret their creations for the South Florida fashionista. During that time, while I’m meeting, greeting and discovering the latest and greatest in clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, I diligently keep an eye out for the most unique, decadent and over-the-top items.

Of all the special things I’m able to unearth, I choose one; bequeathing it the title “The Ultimate Fantasy Gift.” It becomes my white unicorn of sorts: you know, the unattainable, but I don’t let that stop me. It becomes my holiday mission: find it, experience it and write about it for “Shireen’s Favorite Things.”

This year, the coveted title of “The Ultimate Fantasy Gift” (drum roll please) goes to the uber-magnificent, highly-creative, daringly-fabulous CRAZY SKULL watch. It’s designed by the Swiss luxury jewelry company, “de GRISOGONO;” more specifically, by its Founder and Creative Director (black diamond specialist,) Fawaz Gruosi.

I first spied the timepiece on social media on the likes of famous fashion models, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss. I was immediately hypnotized by its bold character, sheer decadence and unapologetic rareness. So imagine my delight when one of my BFF’s, Jessie Rosario, told me that the CRAZY SKULL watch was, indeed, within my reach.

According to her “inside” fashion sources, the breathtaking piece of jewelry would be paying a visit to the Magic City at the beginning of the holiday season. It was more than likely coming from de GRISOGONO’S Paris showroom. “How romantic,” I squealed, as Jessie explained the details.

In honor of its arrival, Miami’s most che’che’ public relations company, “Tara, Ink.,” was holding a noon day soiree at de GRISOGONO at the Bal Harbour Shops, followed by a relaxing sit down lunch at Makoto. Jessie and I immediately RSVP’d and cleared our schedules; after all, “diamonds are a girls best friend.”

Read the rest of “The Ultimate Fantasy Gift,” blog at Happy Holidays!

Gown provided by Saks Fifth Avenue, Bal Harbour
Shot on location at de GRISOGONO/Bal Harbour Shops
wardrobe & blog efforted/arranged/styled by Jessie Rosario