Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru

Shireen’s Spotlight: Etaru


Sunday Brunch at Etaru — an alluring seaside restaurant so beautiful & delicious, you’ll never wanna leave. Go ahead, ask me if I closed the place down… 😁


If brunching were an olympic sport, Etaru would win the gold medal without even trying. Yes, IT’S THAT SPECTACULAR. The sophisticated yet laid-back Japanese restaurant is perched up alongside Hallandale Beach and features some of the most jaw-dropping views in all of South Florida.

Etaru, which is tastefully decorated in whites, beiges and natural woods, is an open-air eatery with a large covered patio — which happens to be the heart of its pulsing atmosphere. Tip: if you’re a selfie-taking fashionista, prepare yourself for beach-y weather: breezy, sunny and warm.

Take a fabulous hat, your favorite sunglasses and drape yourself in the cool and comfortable. When I went last Sunday afternoon, the weather couldn’t have been any better. There’s an indoor area, too, but it’s also open and airy: enjoying the surf, sun and sand seems to be a brunch time prerequisite at Etaru. I’ll drink to that!

Speaking of…

There are two brunch options on Etaru’s menu: Seasonal for $65 & Premium for $95. No matter which one choose, you’ll be eating and drinking like a bonafide rock star and for the record, the quality and quantity of what they serve makes it worth every penny.

Both the Seasonal & Premium packages start the same way, with appetizers from the buffet. They serve a wide variety of yummy salads, fresh sushi & sashimi, oysters, rice and quinoa. It’s perfect for the person who doesn’t like to wait to get their brunch on. Consider it a nice little nosh before your main plate.

From the bustling bar (where creative cocktails flow like Niagara Falls during brunch hours,) I tried the exquisite “Lychee & Blossom” (made with infused cherry blossom vodka, lychee, lemon and umami bitters.) Oh, sweet baby Jesus! This is one of the best adult beverages I’ve ever had. If you’re more of a margarita lover, the “Rita Okinawa” is smooth & silky, or maybe that’s just the tequila talking. When in Rome (or in this case Hallandale Beach,) I tried a Seasonal Bellini. So delicious! #BringMeAPitcher

Sashimi lovers will go goo-goo over their gorgeous raw platters filled with salmon, tuna, toro and different kinds of tartare. If you prefer something more traditional, the Crispy Chicken with shiso waffles and maple syrup is devour-worthy. If you’re asking: “Where’s the beef?,” the Prime Skirt Steak with wasabi chimichirri will quench your carnivorous cravings. If you want your mind blown and I know you foodies do, you’ve gotta try the Black Cod with Yuzu Miso. It’s #ToDieFor!

I think the amazing taste of Etaru’s food has a lot to do with its Robatayaki cooking style (which is performed over a charcoal grill.) It’s definitely a science, though; involving speed and temperature.

Before dessert, I cleansed my palate with a refreshing Matcha Iced Tea, but I was also jonesing for a Bloody Mary. Etaru makes a bold, peppery, spicy one, which is just the way I like it. While relishing my spiked tomato juice, the mother of all yumminess arrived to the table and I kid you not, a picture can’t even do the thing justice.

The Etaru Dessert Selection for the table is filled with yummy sorbets, exotic fruits and sweet treats like Guava Mousse & a Key Lime popsicle with do-it-yourself crumbles. Hmmm… I’m still thinking about the frozen treat.

With live music, an interesting crowd, the fresh ocean breeze and water as far as the eye can see, Etaru is more than just a Sunday Funday, it’s one of my Favorite Things.


111 S Surf Road
Hallandale Beach, FL. 33009

reservations: 954-271-3222 or


Sunday Brunch: 12:30pm-4pm

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IG: @etarurestaurant
FB: @ETARURestaurant
Twitter: @ETARURestaurant

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