Shireen’s Spotlight: Seasalt & Pepper

Shireen's Spotlight - SeaSalt & Pepper - Miami, FL

What: Seasalt & Pepper, 422 NW North River Drive, Miami, Florida 33128

Why: If Seasalt & Pepper were a man, I’d seduce and romance him, take him home to meet my parents, marry him and love him for the rest of his natural born life. What I’m trying to say is, this place is a dream come true. The only way for me to describe it: perfection (and I never say that word.)

It has everything you could ever want in a restaurant: a great vibe, a beautiful backdrop, amazing food and drinks, elegance and charm. Matter-of-fact, this place is like something out of a movie: sleek, sophisticated and anyone in it, looks better because of it.

A lot of people dine there during the day, because it’s right on the Miami River, but it’s just as beautiful at night. The Magic City shines bright in the background and gives the restaurant a glorious glow. I was majorly impressed with the genuine kindness of everyone who worked there, from the owners, managers to the wait staff.

Highlights of my visit were the seafood rhapsody that is the “Meli Melo of Tartare” and a plethora of sumptuous cocktails. I recommend the “Cloud 9,” a lychee vodka concoction that’ll leave you begging for more.

Where: I know we’re all programmed to think “the beach” or “downtown” when we’re on the hunt for a great restaurant, but this fabulous gem is right on the aforementioned Miami River. Believe it or not, it used to be just a warehouse. Well, guess what? Magic moved in.

When: Wednesday-Sunday 11:30-3:00am
Instagram: @seasaltandpeppermia
Twitter: @SeasaltNPepper_
Facebook: Seasalt and Pepper
Reservations: 305-440-4200

Editor: Matthew Auerbach
Producer: Jessie Rosario
Writer: Shireen Sandoval
Photographer: t4two photography

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