Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket

Shireen’s Spotlight: Racket


Spending the afternoon at one of the chicest new bars in town: Racket. An intriguing double-bar concept from the team behind Foxhole Bar & Drunken Dragon.


I love a good hang-out, but finding the RIGHT one isn’t always easy. My requirements include: great drinks, interesting food and a hip/chic atmosphere. I’m just not one of those dark bar boozers: I like the light of day, visiting with friends, meeting interesting people and feeling like I’m a part of something special going on in the Magic City.

Enter: Racket — located in the heart of Wynwood.

I hung out there last weekend on a bright, sunny day and its massive open-air windows revealed a beautiful tiki-inspired bar/lounge called Atrium. The plush couches, low wooden stools and interesting art reminded me of something you’d see in a fashion magazine. Just beyond Atrium is Skylit Bar, where the mood is more industrial-meets-modern. When it comes to food & drink, each area has its own niche.

From Atrium, which specializes in tequila, rum and mezcal drinks, I tried the wonderfully whimsical “Pinky & the Bat” (made with Bacardi, St. Germain, fresh fruit and sweet syrup.) It’s as pretty as a picture, definitely an Instagram shot waiting to happen. Make sure you caption it #LivingMyBestLife cuz that popsicle gives it major prowess. The cool & colorful “El Joven” is just as sassy, not to mention refreshing. The mezcal-based cocktail is mixed with sweet Italian wine, watermelon and lime.

As the late Whitney Houston once famously said: “Crack is Whack” and that’s exactly how I’d describe Atrium’s Ahi Tuna Rolls. MAN – they’re fabulously addicting. Instead of a traditional roll, though, the tuna (made with Sriracha aioli) comes on top of a crispy brioche. The little heavenly bites of goodness are topped with caviar. #NeedSomeRightNow #GetInMyBelly And yes, we took a lot of pictures of them. Just call us the Tuna Roll paparazzi. 😹

Grazing is important when enjoying Atrium’s $18 dollar bottomless mimosas & Rose on Sundays and their beautiful Charcuterie spread is the perfect way to do it. Served with fig jam, olive bread, veggies, fruit and meats, you’ll have enough food to get your drink on for the entire day. Cheers to day drinking that extends into evening hours.

From Skylit, which specializes in craft cocktails and local beers, I tried the smokey and delicious “Here’s Johnnie” — made with Johnnie Walker Black, tawny port, blackberry syrup and creme de cassis. This drink, which happened to be my favorite, will definitely grow hair on your chest. That’s what we say back on the ranch when a drink is strong and meaty.

If you wanna feel like a movie star, try “Pine Wood” — a nod to Britain’s Hollywood. Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but it sure tastes like something you’d drink in England, made with bourbon, citrus fruit and Fernet Branca (which is a bitter herby liqueur.) If Bette Davis were still alive, she’d make it a double and call you “Dahhhhling” while puffing on a long, fancy cigarette.

I also tried the “Racket Panini” stacked with prosciutto, goat cheese, pesto and mushed into yummy submission. If you like PB&J, you gotta try their “AB & J” — made with almond butter, blueberry jam, brie cheese and served on brioche bread. It’s that great kind of salty sweet and goes perfect with an adult beverage.

If you like to be entertained while imbibing, you’re in luck. Skylit has a pool table, juke box and tv’s for your sport watching obsession.

I really like the vibe and atmosphere of Racket; the yummy drinks and food are a bonus. Usually Miami hang-out’s have one without the other, but here – it’s both. It’s a fresh take on what Miami’s known for, having a good time in glamorous style and that’s why it’s one of my Favorite Things.


150 NW 24th Street
Miami, Florida 33127


Daily 1 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Happy hour is from 4-to-8pm

Be Social:
IG: @racketwynwood
FB: @racketwynwood
Twitter: @racketwynwood

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Clutch — @candywooleyhandbags
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
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Editor: Matthew “Dahhhling” Auerbach

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