Shireen’s Spotlight: PINCH Kitchen

Shireen’s Spotlight: PINCH Kitchen

Shireen’s Spotlight: PINCH Kitchen

Shireen’s Spotlight: PINCH Kitchen

Shireen’s Spotlight: PINCH Kitchen

Shireen’s Spotlight: PINCH Kitchen

Shireen’s Spotlight: PINCH Kitchen



A Friday night menu tasting at PINCH Kitchen in MIMO; where a hipster vibe meets neighborhood sensibility.


From the outside “PINCH Kitchen” is modest and unassuming but inside, it’s a whole other story. The moment you walk through the door, you know you’ve stumbled onto something special.

The kitchen, which is visible from its front dining room, buzzes with foodie excitement, but not in an intimidating way. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Warm, welcoming and generous with their time, everyone who works at PINCH is eager to please and educate customers on what makes dining there a singular experience.

From its black and white textured floors, tiled eat-in bar to its art speckled walls, the “New American Cuisine” restaurant is original and inspiring.

My spotlight experience started with a curated dinner menu and a glass of unfiltered blended white wine (Rivera Del Notro from Chile). I’ve had unfiltered sake before, but never wine: its fruity aroma gave way to a crisp, bold taste.

In full disclosure, when it comes to alcohol I don’t really discriminate, but word is unfiltered wine is better for you, leaving you with less of a hangover, if any at all.

With that being said, PINCH has a really great selection of unfiltered wines (as well as unusual beers.) They have the normal stuff, too, but no hard liquor.

My first dish, which was a gorgeous combination of “Organic Beets & Carrots” was fresh, healthy and extremely delicious. The beets were speckled with goat cheese, raisins and pistachios and the carrots came with a yummy tzatziki to dip them in.

The “Spanish Octopus” was spicy and served on siamese dragon (mixed greens from Thailand). I especially enjoyed the “Langostinos” which came on top of local green mangos, ginger dressing and watercress. Although not listed in its ingredients, I could have sworn they used a heaping helping of cilantro. Yummy.

The “Aussie Lamb Chops’ topped with Chermoula (a spiced marinade used in North Africa,) were succulent and perfectly balanced with summertime succotash. That succotash, STOP. It was the bomb-dot-com. I was raised a vegan, so, I’m the type of person who gets excited over kale. This mix is on my radar for my next visit.

For dessert, a warm and inviting “Orange Chocolate Souffle” was served. I loved how they hollowed out half an orange and baked the souffle into cloud-like perfection.

After dinner & dessert, I felt good, not full, not overly bloated, just right and I can’t remember the last time I said that after a meal. It’s really no surprise, though, because John Gallos & Rene Reyes, who are the brains behind PINCH Kitchen, know food.

Not only are they skilled chefs, they’re smart business partners, both with solid pedigrees, working and honing their skills in some of the best restaurants Miami has to offer. After studying and working their butts off (they didn’t tell me that, but one can assume,) they opened their own baby.

A pinch of this and a pinch of that is how they make food, hence the restaurant’s name. For them, it’s a true creative process that can be summed up with what they call: “Small Bites, Big Impact” and that’s why it’s one of my Favorite Things.


PINCH Kitchen
Miami Upper Eastside
8601 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, Florida 33138


Tuesday – Friday 11:30am-4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday

Tuesday – Friday 6-11pm
Saturday 6pm-11pm
Sunday 6pm-10pm

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IG: @pinchmiami
FB: @pinchmiami
Twitter: @PinchMiami

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