Shireen’s Spotlight: Morimoto South Beach (inside the Shelborne Wyndham Grand Hotel)




What: Morimoto, 1801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach Florida, 33139

Why: Holy orgasmic food goodness! I finally get why people say not all things are created equal; Morimoto’s on South Beach is the perfect example. It has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted in my life. I’m no food critic, but I’ve traveled around the world and dined at my fair share of fancy restaurants. I was absolutely blown away by the food’s excellent quality, aesthetic prowess and detailed decadence.

Morimoto’s famed Tuna Pizza is a must-have. I devoured mine (topped with anchovy aioli, olives and jalapeños,) in about 5 minutes flat. It’s the answer to almost every sushi lovers prayer. The ceviche, which includes a hefty amount of lobster, white fish and conch, was a close second, but it was the Toro Tartar I found most interesting. The chopped tuna belly is served with six different condiments: nori paste, wasabi, sour cream chives, guacamole and rice crackers. It’s amaze-balls.

The absolute highlight of the night, though, was the gi-normous sushi platter (pictured in the blog) that made it’s way to my table mid dinner. It was a feast for the eyes and stomach. Thank goodness, I had a few friends on hand to share the yummy goodness. It was enough to feed a small fashion army and it did. My favorite drink: the Passion Fruit Marguarita (made with tequila, domaine canton and spicy passion fruit.) It has just the right mix of sweet, salty and sour to compliment the freshest of fish.

Although I’m not a big desert person, my dinner easily turned into a prepubescent teen party with major squeal-age once the Fiery Salty Caramel Chocolate Tart arrived. The desert comes with a gigantic chocolate ball that’s lit up and melted into gooey perfection. It’s new on the menu and worth every single, solitary, beyond-sinful calorie.

The open-air, unpretentious hot spot has a warm golden glow to it and an easy atmosphere. What’s more, I found the waitstaff to be very knowledgable and extremely friendly (which is unusual for South Florida; usually, it’s more like the server is doing you a favor and can’t be bothered.) Since expanding my blog and doing Shireen’s Spotlight, this is the place I’m most impressed with. If you haven’t gone yet, you have to ask yourself; WHY?

Where: Morimoto’s is elegantly snuggled into the back of the famed South Beach Shelborne Hotel. When I first moved to Miami, I spent many crazy nights in the basement of that hotel, belting out horribly off-key Karaoke at Club Studio. Man, those were the good old days. As a result, the joint holds a special place in my heart.

Since then, the Shelborne has undergone a major renovation and is now a Wyndham Grand property. It’s biggest “get” as of late, though, is Morimoto’s. The entrance to the restaurant is on the south side of the building, which opens up into the pool area. It still boasts that famous Art Deco spiral staircase that’s been the backdrop for a gazillion famous fashion ads (most notably, old school Versace.)

If you live on the beach, you know how parking is: impossible, but for a pretty penny, Morimoto’s has its own valet. This place is perfect for a romantic date, a special occasion dinner. If you do one thing decadent for yourself this year, dinner at Morimoto’s should be it.

When: Dinner is served Sunday through Thursday 6pm-12pm, Friday & Saturday 6pm-1am.

Reservations or call 305-341-1500
IG: @MorimotoSoBe
Twitter: @MorimotoSoBe
FB: Morimoto South Beach

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Editor: Matthew Auerbach
Photo: t4two photography
Producer: Jessie Rosario
Writer: Shireen Sandoval

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