Hi, my name is Shireen Sandoval and I’m a social media junkie. At any given time of day or night, you can find me enjoying, exploring and expressing myself on the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. My phone is the first thing I connect with in the morning (even before my coffee, eek) and it’s the last thing I see before I turn the lights off at night.

On a daily basis (barring a natural disaster or a finger freezing illness,) I app onto SM with what I call ‘the fastest thumbs in South Florida,’ and type, tease and talk about my fashion blog, Shireen’s Favorite Things (the one you’re reading now.) I also share snippets of stories I’ll be featuring live on Deco Drive. I peruse the news, peer at all kinds of photos and post pictures I’m proud of.

At times, I share what’s going on with my friends and family. I show off fabulous dinners, fun work trips and fantastic purchases (most specifically, my shoes!) On SM, my behavior is called posting, sharing and living my “Highlight Reel.” You know, bragging and boasting about the best stuff in my life. After all, who wants to befriend a negative Nancy?

Read the rest of my blog about living in the real moment, not a virtual one at www.wsvn.com or to get the look featured in the blog, shop these links…

iPhone case: www.shopizak.com
Computer: www.apple.com
Dress: www.blackhalo.com
Tights: www.wolfordshop.com
Boots: www.shoplamb.com
Accessories: www.bcbg.com

Here’s to #LivingfortheUpload in the most positive, self-fulfilling way. Happy surfing.

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