Shireen’s Spotlight: Hollen & Jen’s Vintage Showroom

Hollen & Jen's Vintage Showroom

What: Hollen & Jen’s Vintage Showroom, 1177 Kane Concourse Suite 201, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154

Why: Not only is it some of the best vintage in Miami (because the pieces they sell are always in mint condition,) but it’s run by two BFF’s whom I adore. Fashionistas by nature, Hollen Rosenberg and Jennifer Sazant combined their friendship and love of all things beautiful (clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes) to create an amazing store called “Hollen & Jen’s Vintage Showroom.”

I’ve worn some of their uniquely gorgeous garments to red carpet events around the world and to interview some of the most famous people in Hollywood. The duo doesn’t sell ‘consigned’ items. Matter of fact, everything in their charming little boutique is something they themselves have purchased from estate sales, vintage shows or treasures they’ve unearthed from some of the most decadent and couture closets in South Florida.

When they sell something, they actually have a hard time parting with it and really, isn’t that the way it should be? Whether it’s a look of days gone by or something you’d see in Vogue magazine, this showroom has its pulse on the past, present, but more importantly, on all things pretty.

Where: The showroom is off of Kane Concourse, the main boulevard that runs through Bay Harbour Village. It’s housed on the second floor of a pretty office building with big, bold white shutters. I love the area. It’s one of the few parts of Miami left untouched by the bustling tourist beach life.

When: Tuesdays & Thursday 10am-3pm or by appointment. (website coming soon)
Twitter: @HollenandJen
Instagram: @HollenandJen
FB: Hollen & Jen Showroom

editor: Matthew Auerbach
producer/writer: Shireen Sandoval
photographer: Tod Phillip

Thursday, October 2, 2014 ,

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