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Chicks in Kicks
Chicks in Kicks
Chicks in Kicks
Chicks in Kicks Chicks in Kicks Chicks in Kicks Chicks in Kicks Chicks in Kicks


Kruzin, 1602 Washington Street, South Beach 33139


It’s no big secret; I have a lot of shoes, I see a lot of shoes and I wear a lot of shoes, but when I discovered “Kruzin,” I knew my shoe game would never be the same. The brand is completely awe-inspiring: sexy, sophisticated, fashion-forward, edgy and (wait for it)… COMFORTABLE! Yeah, I said it.

Imagine, looking good and feeling good. Well, personally, I could use me a big ol’ heap of that; especially as of late. A few months ago, I tore my meniscus, promptly had surgery and now, I’m in the thick of physical therapy. It’s been incredibly hard; hobbling and wobbling around for months in what I call my “unattractive, get better soon, shoes.”

For the most part, I’ve completely and unabashedly ignored my gorgeous high heel shoe collection. Sometimes, I can’t even walk into my closet without my vain little fashionista heart breaking. Don’t judge me, I miss my heels and no kind-of flat can ever take care of that… at least, that’s what I used to think.

Lucky for me, a few months ago something magical happened. Designer extraordinaire Alessandra Gold and I decided to collaborate on the latest and greatest trends from her aforementioned uber-chic, sneaker line. Our schedules have both been so crazy, though, it took an act of God to get us in the same place at the same time, but when we FINALLY did, her shoes came “Kruzin” into my life at just the right time. I mean, a girl can only wear her “unattractive, get better soon, shoes” for so long.

Kruzin isn’t just about bold and extravagant designs; originality, comfort and off-the-chart quality is priority. “We are not an athletic company, we are a fashion company,” Alessandra told me during a recent interview for Deco Drive. The designer’s IT kicks of the season? The Chrome Collection; featuring silver and gold materials, peppered with whimsical detailing, giving the shoes texture and personality. Even the shoes mascot, the Daredevil, is a surefire sign you’re wearing something exciting and dynamic.

For the blog, Alessandra didn’t just dress me in her best kicks, she also introduced me to Kruzin’s brand new Capsule Clothing Collection (in collaboration with Designer, Lisu Vega.) It’s a line of dresses, blazers, pants, shirts and skirts that have this amazing high fashion look crossed with skater-girl perfection. Add in Alessandra’s ‘Booster’ (a comfy insert she created to raise you up as if you’re wearing heels) and viola! I’m finally a member of the prestigious group: “Chicks in Kicks.’

Wearing head-to-toe Kruzin made me feel strong, pretty and unique and really, isn’t that what fashion is all about: bringing out self confidence and self expression. While the line continues gracing the feet of celebrities around the planet (as far-reaching as Asia,) its roots are solidly planted right here in the Magic City and that’s definitely why it’s one of my favorite things…not to mention the fact that I’m literally “Kruzin” my way back into fabulous footwear after a crazy knee injury. Hello, Daredevil; goodbye five-inch heels. 😈


Kruzin has the coolest shop on South Beach, right in between Lincoln Road and 16th Street (making it easy to find.) Because of the natural hustle and bustle of the beach, especially during season, street parking is really tough. The good news? There are three easily accessible parking garages right by the store: one in front, back and catty-corner.

If you make a special trip to the beach to check out the store, make a day of it and walk Lincoln, along with all the great restaurants it has this really amazing retro flea market every other weekend. The next two are November 8th & 22nd. Happy Shopping!


Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-9pm.
Twitter, Instagram, FB @kruzinfootwear

Just dare with us; let us do something for you that you wouldn’t do for yourself.Alessandra Gold
Photographer: James Woodley
Styling: Alessandra Gold & Jackie Kay
On-site producer: Jackie Kay
Hair & MUA: Odett Hernandez

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