Shireen’s Spotlight: Bistro Cassis

Shireen's Spotlight: Bistro Cassis

Shireen's Spotlight: Bistro Cassis

Shireen's Spotlight: Bistro Cassis

Shireen's Spotlight: Bistro Cassis


Bistro Cassis, 118 Buena Vista Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33137


I’ll never forget my first trip to Paris. I fell in love with absolutely everything: the elegant charm of the city, the spectacular historic architecture and the wealth of lively street cafes that seemed to be everywhere, serving fab French food and glasses upon glasses of hearty red wine. Finding that same kind of amazing ambiance in Miami hasn’t always been easy for me, but thanks to “Bistro Cassis,” it’s now possible.

From the moment I hit the front door, the lively French cafe transported me back to “the City of Lights.” With its tiled floors, comfy red booths and incredibly knowledgeable wait staff, I was defintely “se sentir heureux” (feeling happy.) The night started out as a celebration of sorts, with three unique cocktails: the “Isabelle” (made with vodka, cantaloupe, flower cordial and lavender,) the “Emerald Club” (made with gin, mint, green tea syrup, club soda, lime oils) and the “Just Ryte” (with rye whiskey, sage, lemon, bitters and ginger beer.)

I loved the smoothness of the “Isabelle,” the fashionable green brightness of the “Emerald Club” and the unique blending of the “Just Ryte.” Choosing my appetizers was tough, but I went with the suggested “Escargots Persille” (baked snails, garlic herb butter,) Steak Tartare (traditional chopped beef) and the “Mussels Mariniere” (white wine, fresh herbs.) The escargot were buttery and baked to perfection. The tartare (my fave) had just the right blend of spices and the mussels were tender, succulent and left me soaking my bread in its leftover broth and devouring each drenched bite.

Dinner was the best kind of French meal you could ask for: “Steak Frites” (New York strip steak, maitre d’hotel butter, French fries) with a side of mushroom risotto and a glass of “Estancia Merlot” (from Central Coast, California.) The steak was cooked to perfection, the fries were light and crispy and the risotto was exempliare! Dessert was a flaming good time with the “Crepes Suzette” (which are French pancakes with Grand Marnier sauce and vanilla bean ice cream.) I loved the vibe, food and company of this cafe. Who needs Paris when you have Bistro Cassis and thats why it’s one of my favorite things.


The bistro is snuggled into Midtown Miami (the city’s urban district) and is the perfect destination to enjoy a day of shopping and an evening of dining. Street parking can be tough in this busy area, but there are plenty of garages or why not cab/Uber it and walk to Bistro Cassis like a true Parisian pedestrian.


Open 7 days a week !
Monday through Saturday 11:30am-11:00pm
Sunday Brunch 11:00am-5:00pm, Dinner 5:00pm-11:00pm

Life is an onion and one cries while peeling it.French Proverb

Twitter: @CassisMiami
Instagram: @Bistro_Cassis_Miami
Facebook: Bistro Cassis Miami French Restaurant

Editor: Matthew Auerbach
Photographer: James Woodley
Writer: Shireen Sandoval
Producer: Jessie Rosario

A special thank you to Brustman Carrino Public Relations

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