Shireen’s Spotlight: Bake Shack

Shireen's Spotlight: Bake Shack

Shireen's Spotlight: Bake Shack

Shireen's Spotlight: Bake Shack

Shireen's Spotlight: Bake Shack

Shireen's Spotlight: Bake Shack

Shireen's Spotlight: Bake Shack


Enjoying an amazing weekend breakfast at “Bake Shack” — a family-owned hidden gem, serving-up homemade baked goods and delicious specialty breakfast/lunch/brunch dishes.


If you love breakfast and discovering places off the beaten path, you’ll be completely smitten with “Bake Shack” in Dania Beach. Not only is everything made from scratch on a daily basis, the quality of the food is exceptional.

I started my weekend morning feast at “Bake Shack” with three of their yummy pastries (did I mention they’re known for their mind-blowing doughnuts?) …

I’ve bequeathed the “Guava Cheese Turnover” my soulmate; its perfect balance of sweet and savory deliciousness makes it a must-try. The “Blueberry Crumble Cake Doughnut” was meaty and moist, but if you’re a real dessert lover, the “Creme Brûlée Doughnut” is calling your name, complete with custard filling and a torched sugary top.

I’m a sucker for a good sandwich, which probably explains why I loved the “California Egg Sandwich” (made with a soft-yolked fried egg, avocado, tomatoes and mixed greens.) It’s served on their house-baked challah. They served mine with bacon and cheese (which are add-on’s) with a side of their balsamic mayo spread.

I washed it down with a “Watermelon Lemonade” garnished with lemon and mint. WOW! This really revved up my taste buds. I’ve never had anything like it; then again, I’ve never had “Watermelon Lemonade” before. It’s definitely worth a swig for the novelty, plus it’s sooooo good. It actually reminds me of drinking a piece of “Watermelon Bubbalicious” chewing gum.

If you like sweet and savory (like I do,) the “Chicken & Waffle” dish, served with maple butter and crushed pepper maple syrup, is amazing. The chicken is fried in Crispy Panko bread crumbs, while the Belgian Waffle is completely made from scratch. If your mom is a good cook, she’ll definitely be jealous of this recipe. Maybe take her for brunch?

I wasn’t planning on trying the pancakes, but when they sent a “Blueberry” one to the table, I easily caved. It was just the right shape and size (made with buttermilk and served with creamy maple butter.) If you want your pancake to have more personality, you can add bananas, chocolate chips or candied walnuts.

After my “Watermelon Lemonade”, I sipped on a delicious “Raspberry & Chocolate” cappuccino. I love coffee and originality, so this was a highlight for me. After gushing over my cup of love, I nibbled on a….

“Steak Sandwich” — which gave me a feel for the lunch menu (made with grilled skirt steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese.) It’s served on oven-baked focaccia bread and comes with a side of balsamic mayo spread. My photographer loved this plate; claiming it was his favorite, but he said that about the “Creme Brûlée Doughnut” too. Men can be so fickle (lol).

Even though I adore the laid-back atmosphere of the “Bake Shack”, it’s the food that’s the real scene-stealer. It’s just so good, it doesn’t need any bells and whistles to prove itself. It just needs some hungry foodies who appreciate quality (and enjoy supporting local businesses) … that’s why “Bake Shack” is one of my favorite things.


Monday-Friday: 6:30am-3pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am-3pm


Bake Shack
238 S Federal Highway
Dania Beach, FL 33004

(south of Stirling/US1)

IG: @bakeshackfl
FB: @bakeshackfl
Twitter: @bakeshackfl

Why are breakfast dates not a more popular thing? Like, forget your 9 pm fancy dinner reservation, let’s go eat pancakes at 9 am in our p-j’s.Unknown
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