Shireen’s Spotlight: Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

Apeiro Kitchen & Bar


Apeiro 3252 NE 1st Avenue, Suite 101, Miami, Florida 33137


If you enjoy a lively atmosphere and Mediterranean food with a modern twist; “Apeiro” is the place for you. With a beautiful light-colored interior (highlighted in blues and yellows,) artistic swirly chandeliers and an open-air kitchen, it’s the kind of restaurant that makes you feel like you’re in the Greek Islands (at least during the day.)

At night, it’s a different story. It’s more like, say, Miami. 😁🌴🍹 When my crew and I visited last Friday night, the outside bar was standing room only. It was like being on the beach, but with a little more panache. The staff, especially Chef David Blonsky (who hails from Chicago and most recently Siena Tavern,) was extremely affable. He’s a celebrity chef, so he gets it.

I started Spotlight off with their signature drink, “Apeiro Signature” (don Q crystal rum, cantaloupe, lemon juice, basil, rose pepper and simple syrup.) It was by far my favorite; fresh and unusual. My company would disagree, though. One of my BFF’s and stylist, Jackie Kay, was on-hand to help with tasting duties. She loved the “Mayfair Lady” (vodka infused with hibiscus rose hips, orange liqueur, lemon juice, and champagne.) Although the drink was sweet, it packed a major punch. My photographer, James, really liked the “Salted Le Melon” (melon vodka, cantaloupe and lime juice.) Warning: it goes down quick and easy.

I tried three appetizers: “Bunelo” (cheese, prosciutto, jam and puffed pastries.) Side note: this dish is served with truffle honey and I’m highly allergic to truffle oil. I tried mine without and it was still delish. The “Burrata” had a twist of sweetness (made with cherry tomato jam, arugula and toasted ciabatta.) My absolute favorite of the night was the “Akushi Steak Tartare” (with bone marrow vinaigrette, calabrian chile, served with a warm, puffy pita.) It was savory with good marbling and had a nice texture.

I tried two main dishes: “Lamb Kefta” and “Roasted Branzino.” The lamb was great, served with Tzatziki sauce, koshari rice and a green onion salad, but the whole fish (with acqua pazza sauce, koshari rice and herb oil) was pretty spectacular. I was especially full after dinner and didn’t really have room for dessert until I feasted my eyes on…

The “Triple Layer Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie!” It was a sight for sore eyes and tasted even better than it looked (hmmm…moist and delicious.) The “Bomboloni” (which is an Italian doughnut,) is served with three small squeezy bottles of Nutella chocolate, salted caramel and strawberry. You take your favorite flavor (or all three) and inject them into the heart of the pastry. Last but not least, my favorite dessert: “Waffle Cone Sundae” (your choice of gelato with chocolate hazelnut and caramel sauce, candied walnuts, amarena cherries and whipped cream.) I almost licked the bowl.

From the hip atmosphere, the chic decor, great outdoor space and modern Mediterranean food, which includes local ingredients and produce, “Apeiro Kitchen and Bar” (which in Ancient Greek means infinite or boundless,) is definitely one of my new favorite things. Cheers!


Apeiro is located in the heart of Midtown Miami. It’s just a few doors down from “Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill” and “Bocce Bar.” Street parking is always tough in this part of town, but they have plenty of self parking garages and valet in the area. If you live a little further north, you’re in luck, Apeiro is also located in Delray Beach (the restaurant’s original location.)


Sunday-Wednesday 11:30am-11:00pm, Thursday-Saturday 11:30am-1:00am.
Twitter & IG: @ApeiroMiami, FB: Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.Hippocrates
Photographer: James Woodley
Producer/Editor: Jessie Rosario
wardrobe: @KoreBoutique

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