America’s Most Fashionable Piglets

America's Most Fashionable Piglets

America's Most Fashionable Piglets

America's Most Fashionable Piglets

America's Most Fashionable Piglets

America's Most Fashionable Piglets

When I first met Priscilla and Poppleton, “America’s Most Fashionable Piglets,” I was beyond nervous. You would think after interviewing some of the most famous people in the world: Tom Cruise, The Rock, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, John Travolta, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney and Will Smith, I would be used to a high-profile interview and a fancy photo op, but I wasn’t. At least, not when it came to these uber-popular and beyond lovable miniature pigs.

After waking up at some ungodly hour to have my hair and make-up done, driving five hours north, where we had arranged to meet (the piggies live near Jacksonville) and having everything meticulously planned (the shoot venue, matching outfits and blog topic,) I was still incredibly anxious and unsure. I mean…

What if they didn’t like me? What if I didn’t like them? What’s more, what if comedian W.C. Fields’ famous saying was really true: “Never work with animals or children.” Even worse, what if they weren’t as cute and as fabulous as they seemed on social media? I know for a fact some people (viewers) have definitely felt that way about me.

Just the other day at the drugstore, as I was standing in line to buy heartburn medication, a woman told me point blank how disappointed she was with how I looked in person. Of course, I profusely apologized (like it was my fault) and scampered out of the store like a dog with its tail between its legs.

Mind you; like a moron, I left without my medication! With a lingering case of heartburn and the ‘I look better on television’ blues, I drove the entire way home clutching my chest and peering sporadically in my rear view mirror trying to figure out why I looked so “different.” It must be the lighting, I thought…

With all of that being said, the risks of meeting Priscilla and Poppleton in person seemed to be mounting by the minute, but then again, I could have just been blowing the entire thing out of proportion. My mother always says I have a flair for drama. Despite my nerves, my intense trepidation and “negative Nelly”-like attitude, something magical was about to happen…

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Shot on location at the Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine:

Shireen’s wardrobe & accessories provided by
Twitter: @LilacAndLilies
IG: @Lilacandlilies_Boutique
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Twitter: @ShireenSandoval
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Photographer: James Woodley
Twitter: @BritFloridian
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Hair & Make-up: Odette Hernandez
Twitter: @Odettehernandz
IG: @O.D.E.T.T

Styling & Assist: Jackie Kay
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Editor: Matthew Auerbach

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